The Pink Door

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Dear SMW Visitors, I am delighted to announce that is supporting the Pink Door! This wonderful non profit organization provides assistance to all single, divorced, or widowed women cancer survivors with new job opportunities…a new career after cancer! Back in February, SMW Health editor, Tracy Morris profiled Courtney Cole, the founder, of the Pink […]

On Summer Hiring

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In the Northeast, as in the Midwest, we’ve been granted an unseasonably early spring. In fact, the weather has been more like summer. While nearly everyone basks in the glory of these golden days, one group of the population seems especially enthusiastic when the weather turns warm. What is it about teenagers and summer? Sure, […]

Bye, Bye Guys! Women Are Winning the Human Race

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Paradise Valley, Arizona, April 28, 2008 — According to a recent article in, pollution of the Earth’s environment is having a startling affect on the male population. The article, entitle, “Where are all the Men? Ask Mother Nature…” relays recent information from Center for Disease Control in Atlanta that many manmade pollutants mimic the […]

How Do You Deal With An Uncooperative Ex?

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You think you’ve met your soul mate; just the sound of your love’s voice, fills your belly with twittering butterflies. In the midst of your all-consuming  infatuation with your new love spending time away from him seems more than you can bear! You chalk up his “flaws” to endearing characteristics; no matter what he says, or does, […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

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There’s a funny background story to last week’s Your Looks feature, “Matchmaker Makeovers,” in which professional Cupids Samantha Daniels and Janis Spindel spill their secrets to making a terrific first impression on your first date. A few years ago I was invited to Janis Spindel’s book party for “Get Serious about Getting Married.” Each attendee […]

Real Estate Pain for Many May Become a Gain for Single Women

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Paradise Valley, AZ, April 25, 2008 — According to Greg Bechelli, a Certified Mortgage Planner, at Residential Pacific Mortgage in the San Francisco Bay area, there may not be a better time for a single woman to purchase a home than now. Bechelli, who has been a top performing mortgage planner for over ten years […]

What About REAL Dating?

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Is internet dating cheating?  Do we really want to know everything about someone before we have a face-to-face?  What happened to good old-fashioned getting out there and meeting people? Before I got married internet dating was not all that popular yet.  My girlfriends and I had to find other ways other ways to meet eligible […]

Stunner: Carly leaves IDOL…

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Sorry. I just had to lead with that. Carly Smithson is awesome. She is the best IDOL finalist since Melinda Doolittle. She is the whole package. And gracious to boot. Seriously, she (and Melinda) would be the only IDOLs I would purchase a ticket to see. Way to go Carly. It’s only up from here […]

On Ink and Employment

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 “American Idol” viewers know that Carly Smithson, the dark-haired young woman with the British accent, has a tattoo that extends from her shoulder midway down her right arm. Her tattoo has been called excessive but it pales in comparison to the many sported by her husband, who is often in the audience. Interestingly, when the […]

Top Accessories for Fall

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It’s Fall! And you know what that means? Time to start shopping for a new wardrobe. Of course, some of us can’t afford to buy new clothes every season. That’s where accessories come in. There’s nothing better (or cheaper) to make an old look seem new. Here are our top picks for Fall 07.   […]

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