Frog County: That Prince of a Guy Is Out There, Somewhere

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On any given Friday or Saturday night, Orange County, California, is hopping with hopeful singles – young, old and middle-aged – jumping from eateries to bars to nightclubs looking for romance and a chance encounter with “The One.” If you listen closely, straining to hear past the pulsating music, clinking glasses and small talk, you’ll […]

Keith Ablow Q&A: In Love with her Boyfriend’s Brother

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I’m falling in love with my boyfriend’s brother. James and I met at work, and we’ve been dating for about 6 months now, exclusively. We go to his parents’ house for dinner every other Sunday, and that’s where I met his brother, Pete, who is kind, adorable, and is also attracted to me. In fact, […]

Spring/Summer Edition: 25 Cost Savers for Single Moms

April 29, 2009 by  
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Single mothers are undoubtedly the ones who most feel the brunt of economic downturns and weakened economies. In times like these it’s helpful to rethink our budgets and spending habits and find new ways of saving money without sacrificing the quality we are accustomed to. Therefore, the writers of the Single Moms Channel on have […]

Relieving Stress with Alternative Therapies

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Stress shouldnʼt be feared.  The stress-response is a natural process that the body undergoes to help it cope with change.  When we encounter an immediate threat, a series of chemical reactions are triggered by the autonomic nervous system  (ANS) commonly known as the “flight-or-flight” response. These reactions are designed to be a self-limiting process  involving […]

Duchess Digest: Playing Favorites

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We’ve all seen the terribly annoying commercials that every cell phone company has for their “Top Five Favorites.”. But after you’ve muted these incredibly irksome advertisements, have you given any thought to who is in your top five? We human beings are interesting creatures, often keeping close to us relationships that no longer serve to […]

Should You Forego a Vacation This Year?

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Q. I still have a job, and so far my benefits haven’t been cut. In fact, I have a lot of accumulated vacation time. But should I really be taking any time off this year? A. In today’s economic climate, employees have been led to believe they should be grateful to have a job. While […]

A Single Mom Lets Go

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Yesterday I put the final touches to the collection of school photographs I have been adding to each year. For the past fourteen years, the large oval space in the centre of the piece has remained empty. Each year, from Junior Kindergarten onwards, I have added a school photograph to the allocated spot. The photos […]

Rome Alone: Sex and the Italian City

April 24, 2009 by  
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It started with my first cup of coffee. The foam on my latte was perfectly placed on top of the steaming brown cup of brewed beans. The barista finished off my much-needed caffeine fix with a heart in the center of the cup and asked me for me 2 euros. I wasn’t in Rome for […]

In Spring Season, and On Your Table

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There’s no time like spring for fresh, seasonal spring fruits and vegetables. We took a trip to the farmer’s market to tell you what’s in season and what to do with the stuff once you get it home. Shopping and eating locally from farmer’s markets is not just good for your local economy, it’s good […]

Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

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The good folks at premier closet service Garde Robe offer some words of wisdom on closet organization and smart packing.

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