Sex & the Single Woman: Surprise Advice

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The other day I was asking one of my roommates for guy advice and I got some of the best perspective I have recieved in a long time… from our other roommate’s boyfriend. I have some guy friends who I talk about this stuff with, but they rarely give me advice. I understand that girl […]

Need Budgeting Help? Watch “The Joneses”

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Are you looking for creative ways to reign in your spending? If so, here’s a tip I never thought I’d be giving you: Watch the movie…The Joneses. What I love about this movie is that it hammers home a point that noted positive psychology (that’s fancy speak for “happiness”) researchers such as Daniel Gilbert, Martin […]

New FlexJobs Feature

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If you’re looking for a flexible work arrangement, be sure to explore search site FlexJobs, which offers a wide range of positions. Click here and Enter Promo Code SAVE30 to receive 30 percent off a subscription to the site. While at FlexJobs you’ll want to check out a new feature called the Best List of […]

Sex & the Single Woman: Affirmation

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I recently posted about how I am trying to turn over a new leaf. While this primarily means forgiving those guys who have hurt me, I’m also coming to realize that it means forgiving those girls who have hurt me for guys. One example of this is a close friend who lives out of town […]

Virtual Nerd: Helps Students with Homework and Test Prep

August 29, 2010 by  
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Don’t let the name of this new educational site fool you. Today’s teenagers have flocked to sites like Facebook and Foursquare to keep up with friends, but their options for using the Web and social media to study have lagged behind. That’s all changing thanks to some relatively new sites that are gaining momentum. Leading […]

Fall Footwear Preview

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After a long summer of flaunting your pedicure, it’s finally time to start tucking away your toes. While you relish those last few days of flip-flop appropriate weather, start stocking up on the best of what fall 2010 has to offer. Known for their ultra-comfy boat shoes, Sperry Top-Sider also has super-cute flats. These Women’s […]

Sex & the Single Woman: Doomed?

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The ancient Greeks loved to write about the concept of fate. To them, mortals lived their lives according to the whims of the more powerful gods, and to attempt to escape one’s destiny was a recipe for failure. Fast forward a couple thousand years, and the idea of fate is still present in our lives. […]

Duchess Digest: Three Lessons When Life Sucks

August 26, 2010 by  
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Let’s face it – every single minded women has had a time when things just don’t seem to be going right and no amount of positive talk is spinning it around. What’s a girl to do? Take on these 3 easy tips for lessons worth learning when the going gets tough!

Sex & the Single Woman: Back in Session

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With school starting up again, I feel it’s only appropriate that I take a moment and try to learn a few lessons from my own mistakes. I certainly make enough of them, it’s time I put those flaws to good use. I am a big believer in not living with regrets, so I try to […]

Baby Gifts are Yours for the Making with

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You’re late at purchasing a baby shower gift and all that’s left on the registry is a baby wipe warmer, nursing pads and a pee-pee teepee. While you want your gift to be useful, you also want it to be heartfelt, beautiful and memorable. While cute, the pee-pee teepee isn’t going to cut it. Welcome […]

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