The Housewife Assassin’s Killer Christmas Tips, by Josie Brown

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In this, the third novel in Josie Brown’s Housewife Assassin series, ’tis the season for murder, mayhem and mistletoe. There will be no peace on Earth if Donna and Jack don’t find a shipping container filled with heat-seeking missiles. Forget Santa! Terror is coming to town… _____________________________ “No one’s perfect,” the plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Smith, […]

A Responsibility We All Bear

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Falling asleep last night was not easy. In my mind’s eye, I kept seeing twenty empty beds. I imagined the unspeakable sorrow of forty devastated parents, and eighty brokenhearted grandparents. I envisioned a small army of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, playmates, and neighbors. I have for far too many years witnessed the pain of […]

Salvation of a Saint ~ Free Audiobook Giveaway!

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Keigo Higashino is an extremely popular author in Japan — think Dean Koontz or John Grisham. However, his novels are just starting to be translated to English — this one by Alexander O. Smith. The first was The Devotion of Suspect X which was widely proclaimed as one of the best books of the year […]

The Cursing Mommy ~ Free Audiobook Giveaway!

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The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days is the brain-child of Ian Frazier, and is based on his columns for The New Yorker. The Cursing Mommy is a stay at home mom with a lawyer husband and two boys. This book is written as if it is her daily blog where she tries to connect to […]

Couple Friends ~ Free eBook Giveaway!

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Couple Friends is Shawndra Russell’s debut novel, which started out as a screenplay a year and a half before it was published. In Couple Friends, Kieran and Jane entered each other’s lives eight years earlier, meeting at a small college in Ohio. They avoided each other their freshman and sophomore years because Kieran was an […]

What’s the Best Dress for Your Body Type?

Think your figure looks best in a little black dress?  Time to think again.  The key to feminine beauty is not in creating an overall slimming appearance, but rather to emphasize your feminine curves. So, what’s the best dress for your body type? Well, the primitive brain is where beauty is subconsciously registered.  The hourglass […]