Memorial Day BBQ & Cocktail Recipes

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The unofficial start of summer is finally here and we are getting ready to celebrate with a good, old-fashioned BBQ!  Just because the celebration is tried-and-true, doesn’t mean your food has to be. Spice things up this weekend with some innovative takes on your favorite traditional recipes. Juicy Salsa Burger Recipe Recipe by Mario Batali […]

Mario Batali Helps Hellmann’s Celebrate 100 Years

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Celebrity chef and The Chew co-host Mario Batali is Hellmann’s celebrate its 100th Anniversary by spicing things up in the kitchen and revamping some of the brand’s best recipes. “It’s all about maintaining deliciousness, it’s all about maintaining juiciness, and it’s all about making sure your family is really happy,” he explained at a cooking […]

Dressing For a First Date

May 21, 2013 by  
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This is something I enjoy talking about and I dress women all the time for this memorable occasion (we hope). The first impression is sometimes the most important part of the first date and finding your Mr. Right! One of the biggest mistakes woman make dressing for a first date is dressing way too revealing. […]

Duchess Digest: Planning A Trip To Alaska by Sea

May 20, 2013 by  
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Planning your dream trip to Alaska this summer? This Duchess Digest series for Single Minded Women is helping you plan your trip to Alaska by air, by land or by sea. Last week, we covered the easy and available flight options to Alaska. But what if you want to come to Alaska by ocean? Alaska […]

Custom Clothes for Women

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Ever seen a shirt, a cover up, pajamas that say “one size fits all”? HA! Even the new improved “one size fits most” is a laugh. We all know that women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Well, there’s a clothing company that has finally figured that out! eShakti offers custom clothes for […]

The Repeat Year by Andrea Lochen

May 20, 2013 by  
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Andrea Lochen astonished me by managing to create a story about traveling back in time to relive 2011.  She was so succinct in her story-telling that she made this possibility truly believable, needing very little explanation to understand the premise.  I know other novelists that have written about time travel and they really had to […]

Mother’s Day Brunch Cocktails

May 11, 2013 by  
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Mom will love brunch. But she will love it even more with a cocktail in hand. Try these flavorful and fun cocktails to make the day that much more special for the woman who has had sleepless nights, cold meals, stressful talks and fights with strangers all in the name of her little baby (that’s […]

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

May 10, 2013 by  
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Sometimes the best give you can give the mom in your life is a little bit of pampering. Skip the expensive jewelry and, instead, make her queen for a day with these delicious recipes she can enjoy in the comfort of her cuddly PJs. Breakfast in bed is just what Mom needs on Mother’s Day!  […]

Single Women Ask: Should I Get Travel Insurance?

May 6, 2013 by  
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There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation around travel insurance. Some travelers feel it’s not worth the extra cost, until they run into a truly unexpected travel scenario and have to whip out their credit cards to cover it. Here are the reasons women travelers may want to take a second look at travel insurance. […]

Duchess Digest: Planning A Trip To Alaska

May 3, 2013 by  
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The sun is shining, the days are getting long and we Alaskans are experiencing what we call ‘break up season,’ when the ice and snow finally break up. And with the arrival of the sun, comes the arrival of the summer season here in Alaska… and the arrival of you: the tourist, the visitor to […]

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