The Housewife Assassin’s Recipes for Disaster by Josie Brown

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In the sixth novel in The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series, Donna’s executive mission is crystal clear: stop the assassinations both US political parties’ presidential candidates. When she discovers she has a long-term vendetta with one of the targets, can she put her animosity aside long enough to save the candidate’s life—and her relationship with Jack? […]

Hungry Girl Holiday Recipes

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There’s nothing better than indulging in your favorite foods during the holidays. After all, it’s a celebration! And with the kids home for the week and many moms hosting dinners, the festivities can get out of hand easily with the days starting with a high calorie breakfast and ending with an indulgent dessert. “Hungry Girl” […]

12 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Wine Shopping

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With all the stress the holidays bring, deciding on what to drink should not be an added worry on your list. Sure, you can opt for the kitchy-named red of the moment, but when you’ve gone to all the trouble of preparing an ideal meal, why not invest in learning how to pick the right bottle? Whiskey & Wine Off 69, a new destination spirits and wine retail store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is helping out.

2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Model Workout

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We went backstage at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and got the inside scoop on how supermodel and new mom Lily Aldridge gets ready for the big show! Lily Aldridge trains with Ballet Beautiful creator Mary Helen Bowers. Their dance-inspired workout takes just 20 minutes and focuses on toning and tightening. Actually, ballet was the […]