About Us

Welcome to Single Minded Women.com, an online web community devoted exclusively to the needs of single women.

Providing a place to support and honor their lifestyle choice, our mission is to provide a trusted community where single women can come together to share their views.

Offering practical advice, while addressing the needs of single women, SingleMindedWomen.com provides entertaining, informative, and vital information that every single women can use to enhance her lifestyle. Whether single by choice or circumstance, women of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds will find inspirational ideas and ways to enhance their “single life” with topics ranging from travel, health, career, dating, finances and single parenting.

As the first online community to cater exclusively to the specific needs of this powerful and singular female demographic, SingleMindedWomen.com will serve as support system and sounding board for women who are struggling with issues and want to learn from other women’s experiences.

At SingleMindedWomen.com you’ll always find fun, fresh, useful content that will enhance your single lifestyle!

About the Founder

Allison O’Connor just wished SingleMindedWomen.com had been there for her 20 years ago! She’s had the same experiences many single women face today – cracking the “old boys” network at work, buying a house on her own, traveling solo-both for fun and business, investing for her own retirement, and even having a baby as a single woman. Sure, there were plenty of women’s magazines she could have researched…if only her goals were to have “shapelier calves” or “be better in bed!” But as a single woman, she needed real information about real issues in her life.

So, Allison took her 20 years of magazine publishing experience (online and print) and set out to actually inform as well as entertain, single women like her, and younger ones learning as they go. Combining experts in such various fields as health, money, career, travel, fashion, relationships and single parenting, Allison hopes SingleMindedWomen.com can be a source of knowledge and inspiration for single women both here in the U.S. and abroad.

To enhance communication and sharing, SingleMindedWomen.com recently introduced a new community site and a special channel and e-newsletter dedicated to Single Moms. September 15, 2008 also marks the debut of SingleMindedWomen.com talk radio, where guests like authors and experts, John Gray, Dr. Keith Ablow and others will talk to listeners about issues important to single women.

On a personal note, this former New Yorker now resides in Arizona with her husband and daughter.