8 Plus Reasons Why Kate is Better Off Without Jon


Is anyone really going to miss Jon not being on the show? We don’t think so.

Here are SMW’s top 8 reasons why Kate is better off a single mom:

1. No more bickering in front of the kids. Remember Kate, kids learn from our examples on how to parent and relate to other people.

2. No more publically humiliating each other. Really, do you want your children to know how little respect you both had for one another?

3. Because if you aren’t growing together as a couple then you are growing apart. Fortune and fame have been the demise of many high profile couples. Was all the money and attention really worth splitting your family apart?

4. Success is the best form of revenge. While Jon is floundering and riding the reality fame wave, you’ve been busy working on your career.

5. He’s a spotlight hog. In every high profile relationship it’s hard to share the spotlight. Unfortunately Kate, you seem to love it too!

6. Because not every successful woman needs or has a man behind her for support. Jon’s proven that he’s intimidated by your rising success.

7. Revel in the realization that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Jon seems to be discovering that too as we all watch him flit from one relationship to the next.

8. Now that you know your own faults, assess your actions in the relationship. You weren’t perfect either Kate, we all know that!


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