A Broad Abroad: A Single Gal in London

00sm.jpgWell, I’ve done it. Kissed the boyfriend (whoops—make that ex-boyfriend now) adios, lugged my oversized suitcase to the ticket counter, and boarded a plane bound for London Heathrow, a one-way ticket in my hand.

Now what?This isn’t my first time living in England. I spent a semester studying here during university, then returned in 2007 for a five-month stint. When I left, I was still nursing the wounds inflicted from a romance gone wrong with a certain British cad. I came home, met a local boy, set up roots, and seemed to be on the fast-track to White Picket Fence Lane.

And then I went back to London—just for a visit this time. I laughed harder than I had in months. The museums (free!) lured me in with their Rothkos and Rosetta Stones. The grandeur of St. Paul’s and Tower Bridge, well, blew my mind. I felt alive. I felt…like I needed to come back. 

Needless to say, things just weren’t the same when I returned home. Luckily, the boyfriend understood, and we decided to stay together while I went through the necessary paperwork of getting citizenship and such sorted. We opted not to do the long-distance route—too unrealistic, we agreed. And so here I am, single for the first time in more than a year, getting reacquainted with a city I’ve come to love.

Dating, I expect (hope!) will soon follow, but for now, I’m focused on being head over heels with London. Today we’re doing Bikram yoga—tomorrow, who knows? Stay tuned!