A Broad Abroad: Do You Double-Dip When it Comes to Men?

liztaylorrichardburtonThe other day I had an IM chat with an ex, and the conversation naturally turned to our old days of dating. He had a hot date lined up, so I was offering him tips on what not to do based on all the crap he pulled on me (example: never walking me to the subway station, telling me it would be weird if he brought me to his house because he had female roommates…). He was a good sport about it, and admitted to not being on his A-game while we were seeing each other. But as frustrating as he was, I DATED THE GUY TWICE. What’s that saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?

Yep, after our relationship fizzled out, this guy and I met up at a party a few months later, and decided to give it another go. I think we lasted about a week or two before I realized that the reasons why we ended things hadn’t magically disappeared. Lesson learned.

In my defense, I was living in New York, a city with a definite (at least in my mind) man shortage. This fact hit me on the head when my friend and I one night realized we’d both dated not one BUT TWO of the same guys. I don’t know what’s worse: sloppy seconds, or double-dipping?

So ‘fess up: Have you ever dated the same guy twice? Did it work out? From what I’ve seen, it never does-even Liz Taylor and Richard Burton couldn’t make it work.

-A Broad Abroad