A Makeover Checklist

In my September Harlequin Blaze book, RISQUÉ BUSINESS, heroine Delaney Connor gets a complete makeover. Nope, not to get a guy, but in her quest to snag her dream job. Not only does she do the whole hair/makeup/wardrobe change, but Delaney figures to really set off the new look, she’d better learn to put herself out there. So she sets out to make over her attitude as well. I had a great time working through the makeover process with Delaney and thought I’d share a few tips here with you, too.

So here’s a fun checklist for a do-it-yourself makeover, if you’re so inspired.

Inspiration – First things first. Before you rush out to the hairdresser and the mall, you should figure out what look you’re going for. Are you wanting to catch the attention of some hot hunk? Or impress the powers that be at work? Definitely two different looks here, so ask yourself what it is you’re looking for as a result of the makeover. Then, armed with a little research, set off to make that makeover happen.

Hair – Definitely see a professional for this one. Unless you are a professional, cutting a new style into your head is a big time no-no. Flip through magazines, watch TV and movies, see what styles both appeal to you and work with the look you want to emulate. Then, after you’ve compiled your choices, ask yourself which ones will suit your face shape, hair and lifestyle. This is a great girlfriends project!

Skin & Makeup – A wise makeup artist once told me, no amount of makeup is going to make bad skin look good. So start there. If you need help, seek it out. If your skin is already in good shape, treat yourself to a facial. The pampering will make you feel great. Then book a makeup session with your esthetician or take a cruise through the makeup counters at the mall. Find a makeup counter that appeals to you. What makes it work? The look of the makeup artists, their willingness to hear what you want, and to show you step by step how to create the looks they are giving you.

WardrobeClothes make the woman. Or in this case, the makeover. Is your makeover goal to show off a sexy new you? Then make sure you start at Victoria’s Secret! Layer the look from the skin out. The key to making the wardrobe work for you is to keep in mind what the look is, and what look you can pull off. Find clothes that suit your body, your age and your lifestyle. If you’re not winning a makeover like Delaney did, the higher end department stores have personal shoppers that are fabulous for this. Or pick up a book on fashion and be your own personal shopper.

Shoes – Shoes require their own category because… well, let’s face it. Shoes rock. No look is complete without the right shoes on the feet (hey, that rhymes). Even my down-to-earth, baggy tweed wearing heroine ended up with a shoe fetish by the end of the book. Why? Because once again, Shoes Rock!

And last but not least —

AttitudeIt all comes down to attitude. All the eye shadow and hair color in the world won’t replace confidence. So work your new look, but keep in mind that the true attraction is you yourself. Your personality, how you treat yourself and how you treat others. Delaney learned the hard way that the fancy packaging couldn’t change what was inside. So make sure what’s inside is just as hot as what is outside.

RISQUE BUSINESSTawny Weber is the author of several contemporary romance novels. She can’t tell you how to find your own sexy hunk like her hero, Nick Angel, to complete the makeover, but if you pick up RISQUÉ BUSINESS, you might find a few other tips that inspire you.

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