A Single Mom Raised Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama; your child could be next!

Perhaps, because I’ve been the Family Channel Editor for Single Minded Women for the past several months and I’ve had the opportunity to meet strong, convicted, funny,  and brutally honest single Moms from all walks of life, I am not in the least bit surprised  that it was a single Mother who raised Barack Obama, the Illinois Senator vying for the Democratic presidential nomination and helped shape him into the man who stands before our nation today.

Sure over the past several days, since being linked with his off the charts slightly insane family pastor, my feelings for Obama are currently on somewhat shaky ground, but regardless, I am in sheer awe of the life his single Mother pioneered many years ago– and paved for all other single Moms who have followed in her path.

According to this article  Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, the white Kansas born single Mother who most shaped Obama, had high expectations for her children. And despite  being deserted by Obama’s African Father, when Barack was merely a toddler, she went on to pursue a  life full of adventure and devoid of limits.

What I find so interesting about Soetoro’s life story is that she didn’t let the fact that she was a single Mom deter her from accomplishing all that she set out to; picking herself up after two failed marriages, raising two kids and pursuing her dreams of living in Indonesia, becomming an anthropogist and finding beauty in unexpected places.

She is reflective of so many of the single Moms I’ve been fortunate to meet; and in some ways, similar to the unique Mom profiled in this week SMW Family Channel’s Q&A–fearless and getting things done on her own terms.

No one ever said being a single Mom was easy-but Motherhood, whether you’re single or partnered up is full of trial and error- in fact this week’s SMW Family Channel’s column might help those of you attempting to figure out what the heck motivates your kids give you some cold hard clues- but at the end of the day when all’s said and done- who knows you could possibly be raising the next presidential hopeful :)

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Melissa Chapman

Family Channel Editor for Single Minded Women