A Woman Scorned? Hardly. Just One Classy Bachelorette

The Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas I choose my reality shows wisely. The last BACHELOR lost my interest about half-way through it. Too many silly women, a guy who was too plastic. So when I saw the TV promos for this new season (the fourth) of THE BACHELORETTE, I ignored it.

Then I went channel surfing.

Yep, stumbled across the show. Unlike last season’s BACHELOR, Brad Womack, DeAnna Pappas, a beautiful and intelligent realtor from the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Newnan, is taking this nationally-televised opportunity very seriously.

The producers have chosen an ideal bachelorette. She is adorable without being diva-sexy. Classy, not trashy. Honest and open, as opposed to flirtatiously teasing.

And with any luck, she’ll choose wisely.

There are a couple of great guys in the bunch. My favorite is Jason, an account executive from Kirkland, WA. While on a date in which they stargazed at Los Angeles’ Griffith Park Observatory, instead of the usual coy tete-a-tete, he showed his own earnestness to win her hand in marriage by opening up about the most important part of his real life: his four-year-old son.

As we all know, in the dating universe talking about your kids takes guts. Will you be rejected because you have “baggage”—not only your children, but an ex?

He didn’t have to worry about DeAnna’s response. Having lost her mother to cancer when she was just twelve, DeAnna let him know how much she appreciated the fact that he has his priorities straight.

Then he asked her about her mother’s death from cancer.

As she described the pain and fear she and her siblings experienced, the heartache in her voice was gut-wrenching. Then, with grace, she thanked him for asking about the incident. “No man has ever done that.”

This is what relationships are about: the deep subjects, and shared respect and appreciation.

To show her own respect, later that night DeAnna gave Jason a gift: a star, named after his son. The appreciation—and love—in his eyes said it all.

After that shared moment, no other guy can compare.

Stay tuned . . .

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Here’s to all you lovable bachelorettes,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor