Ann Coulter: One Giant Step Backwards for Single Moms

ann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgann-coulter.jpgAs if single mothers don’t have enough to contend with, now we have Ann Coulter announcing that if you are a victim of a crime, you can thank a single mother. In a recent interview on the Today show to promote her new book Guilty, Anne discusses her theory on how single handily, single moms have contributed the crime rate here in the U.S.

Our resident single mom Blogger, Jessica Pegis wrote an interesting account on her blog, complete with an excerpt from the the interview. Click here.

Here’s what we think at Single moms are a powerful group of women that represent nearly half of the female population in the U.S. today. These women should be commended for embarking on the most important and challenging of jobs; child rearing. Regardless of how these women became a single parent, it’s absurd to blame single mothers for crimes committed by their children. Lots of factors determine a child’s path in life, including positive role models, a father’s involvement, the environment in which a child is raised and a host of others that any psychologist would be happy to share.

So, Ann dear, before you go off spouting your conservative malarkey in an effort to sell books, think about all the women that struggle each day to be both father and mother to their children and end up raising wonderful, productive, successful and well adjusted children. I can think of one example, president-elect Barack Obama.

SMW Staff