Another Oil Crisis?

It has been said that “manners are the oil that lubricates society”. Are we out of oil?

I am amazed and dismayed at the lack of social graces people exhibit to one another. I remember the days when you referred to your elders as Mr., Mrs. or Miss, held the door open for someone just out of courtesy, said hello to a passerby or gave up your seat on a train or bus for an elderly person.

What I’ve noticed is those days have come and gone. It appears to me that we have become so consumed by our own needs that we have forgotten our manners. Or worse yet, we never learned them.

This week I am on vacation at a resort town located on the East Coast. This little town is besieged by vacationers during the summer months. Being here for a week, I have had countless doors slammed in my face as I tried to walk in a restaurant or shop directly behind someone, aced out of a line for coffee by a rude “celebrity” who thought he shouldn’t have to wait for his caffeine fix, and blatantly ignored by a driver who stole a parking spot I had been waiting for.

But what prompted me to write this blog was a sign that was prominently displayed in the local bakery that said:

“No credit cards, No personal checks, No cell phones, No cutting the line, No whining. If you don’t like it – LEAVE!”

Chances are if a business establishment has to display a sign of this nature there is a reason…we are rude! And what’s even more disturbing, is that some of us have become so immune, we don’t even realize our behavior is offensive.

So folks, take a page out of Emily Post. We are all in this together. Let’s be a little kinder and a little more courteous to each other. It doesn’t take much to smile to the girl behind the counter, say thank you or hello or hold a door open. Chances are you will make someone’s day with this random act of “niceness”.

And consider this, our children learn by example. If we don’t want to continue to breed a new generation of ill-mannered adults, we need to start teaching our children to also treat one another with respect.

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Allison O’Connor