Another Reason Not to Vote for McCain: You’ll Lose Your Healthcare Benefits

Like me, many women were mortified that Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain chose an empty skirt—Alaska Governor Sarah Palin—to be his running mate, when he could have chosen one of several qualified Republican women. I guess former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman, Maine Senator Olympia Snow, North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole, and Washington Governor Cathy McMorris Rodgers weren’t MILFy enough for him.

Or too centrist.  Go figure.

Curtesy and (c) DOligan.As bad as his veep choice seems, it is nothing compared to the healthcare policy he would foist on us, should he become president.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. But do listen to the myriad of scholars—from Harvard, Purdue, Columbia,  and Michigan—who have analyzed it. According to them, 20 million Americans who have employment-based health insurance plans would lose them under the McCain plan.

And those who get to hang onto them will have them taxed as income.

This study can be found on the website of the policy journal, Health Affairs.

One particular line of the study is chilling: “The McCain plan will force millions of Americans into the weakest segment of the private insurance system — the nongroup market — where cost-sharing is high, covered services are limited and people will lose access to benefits they have now.”

McCain’s goals with this are so blatantly obvious: (1) move workers’ families off the plans; (2) discourage younger, healthier workers from getting insurance; and (3) privatize healthcare even more than it already is—

—Then (4) call for its “deregulation.”

Now why would he think that’s a good idea? What, don’t CEOs of the supposedly not-for-profit insurance entities such as Sutter Health, Blue Shield and Blue Cross make enough money and have enough homes? Considering their employment packages, I’m guessing their individual real estate portfolios rival that of McCain’s.

As of the latest government statistics*, there are 228,815,000 total employed persons, of which 118,210,000 are women. Of these, 51,056,000, or 75.3 percent, of employed women work full time, whereas 16,736,000, or 24.7 percent, of employed women worked part time. In fact, women comprised two-thirds of all part-time workers: 16.7 million workers out of 25 million. And of the 9.5 million, self-employed workers, 3.6 million of them are women.

Now, how many of us will be happy footing even more of our out-of-control overpriced healthcare costs, while our tax dollars go to corporate bailouts and tax cuts for oil companies—not to mention Bush’s war, which Senator McCain embraces wholeheartedly?

Yes, McCain’s Palin pick with unquestionably stupid.  Shame on him. But his healthcare plan is outright egregious. And if we elect him president, shame on us.

Just do the math,

Josie Brown

SMW Relationships Editor

*Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment and Earnings, Annual Averages 2007.