Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival Recap

We’ve been following the foodie masses to Atlantic City for the Food Network’s Food & Wine Festival since 2007. And it gets better and better every year. This year, our on-the-scene correspondent Margaret Mieles talked best/worst with Andrew Zimmern, baby food with Tyler Florence, bitchin’ kitchen with Nadia G and desserts with the Cake Boss.

“Our first event on Friday evening was “Define Cheese Steak ” with  Bizarre Food’s Andrew Zimmern. There were countless amounts of  cheese steak  – every style you could imagine. Andrew’s choice of cheese steak was a  calves tongue sandwich topped with tuna sauce. Yes, I was scared. Maybe Andrew was, too.  He was very standoffish at  the start and would not allow anyone near him but as the hours passed and the calves tongue disappeared, he became warmer and I even got to chat with him for a few. We asked him what his worst meal was and he said his mother in laws roast pork last Christmas. Ha.

Saturday morning began with what we hoped would be an interview with Tyler Florence and then Anne Burrell. Tyler Florence talked about his baby food line called “Sprout.” He wants to change the way people eat by starting when they are infants. What a great idea! It is all organic and is one of his main focuses right now. He is also busy making wine with Mondavi. The name of his wines are easy to remember:  “Tyler Florence.” When asked to name his favorite places to eat the world, he chose Baltazar in N.Y.C  for their steak tartare. Chez Louie in Paris is his favorite French Bistro, River Cafe in London, and Casa Two because it is SEXY !! He then spoke about DiFara Pizza in Brooklyn.

He defines a great pleasure in the flavor and snap in the crust …When he was asked if his children liked his cooking , he replied, “they think my wife is a better cook.” My favorite moment was he said he spent $170.00 on a N.Y limo to get to Difara for two slices as he had a great interest in meeting Domenico De Marco , the one and only pizza chef there ! : )” (PS: Margaret’s dad is Domenico DeMarco!)

Paula’s Brisket

“Saturday afternoon  we attended the The Blues Brews and BBQ which included Paula Deen and Tyler Florence. All I can say about that is that Dinosaur Barbeque in Harlem was the BEST … offering their brisket sandwich with their wango tango sauce and a jalapeno relish !! It was amazing . Paulas Deen’s sliced braised brisket was also nice in comparison to all the other attendee’s …

The Sweet & Stylish event, which is my favorite, was hosted by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and Nadia G !! Nadia G offered a chocolate covered bacon that I would not mind eating everyday if I had access to it ! The salty and sweet combination was truly satisfying to say the least . Anne Burrell showed up but her only interest was partying and she did not pay too much attention to the fans who tried to get close.  Too bad! We love Anne and wish she was more into being there. After several photos, she visibly seemed annoyed that people wanted to interrupt her during her partying (which was constant,) she got up and walked out !! Booo!

Overall, the event was really a lot of fun and a lot of food ! Can not wait for 2013 !!!”

Buddy’s Cannoli

– Margaret Mieles & Fabiana Santana