Attention All Single Mamas!

miriam-chapman-200.jpgIf you’re a single Mom, whether you know it or not, you are part of a dynamic, ever growing and changing network of strong willed, loving  and fearless (yes you read that correctly) pioneering women who are changing the face of modern-day parenthood one child at a time!

Whether you’re divorced, a single Mom by choice via adoption or artificial insemination, widowed or newly separated, this channel is all about you! It is your place to check in and share your experiences. These include your triumphs like successful potty training as a single Mom (a feat worthy of an Olympic gold medal) and your challenges such as dipping your pinky toe into the dating pool with three teenagers at home ready to “pounce” on the gentleman taking you to dinner!

Bookmark this channel and consider it your daily dose of free therapy. This is your place to check in with like-minded “girlfriends” all working towards common goals. Tips to successful co-parenting, that don’t involve bopping your ex over the head with a hammer! and helping your child deal with separation from his Dad are just some of the topics you can explore here.

This family channel will also be your space to find out about sweet indulgences and treats that are just for you or how to go about dating with a kid on board. But it will always be a place where you’ll get that much needed dose of inspiration to get you through the day.

Please email me your questions or share an experience you think will inspire other single Moms. Remember, we’re all here to support each other! It truly takes a Village, like to raise children, and we are here for you!

Melissa Chapman

Family Editor