We Talk to Jake the Pilot! SMW Bachelorette Recap, 7/7/09

JillyandReidStop the presses! Tune in to Rochelle and Pam of ChatWithWomen.com Radio (streaming live on KKNW, Seattle, 8am PT) to hear Jake the Pilot dish about BACHELORETTE Jillian’s choices. I’ll be joining them, too, to dissect Jake’s POV…

Now, about Monday’s show:

The Bachelortte goes to SPAIN:  There is so much at stake her: it’s love, marriage a proposal. I can’t think there’s a better place to fall in love.”

Kiptyn: Instant chemistry. She loves his looks, his kiss, everything about him…and then she uses the term “too perfect”.  That’s usually a bad signfor someone who sabotages her relationships…

Reid: She admit it’s a situation of “opposite attract”.

Ed:  She says: “Ed left me, and I was hurting for a long time….when Ed came back, I was so excited, but at the same time Ed has already let me down before. I need for him to approve that he’s a priority in his life…”

Wes: He’s a bad guy country guy that I’ve always wanted to be with….Austin just about pushed me over the edge. When Jake told me he had a girlfriend…I had to make sure he wanted a commitment from me right then and there….” But then, she didn’t. OUCH!


Kiptyn admits that he talked to his sis about whether he would propose. He tells her that it’s still too soon for him – but that he only wants to propose once…and that he would prefer to take it slower.  That takes her aback somewhat. She claims she, too, wants to take it slow…but if it happens, she feels that would be cool.  Then they learn to flamenco dance. Jilly: “There is so much passion for so little dancing”… She loves his flamenco outfit: tight, black, and as he discribes, with a pause: “…Tight.”

But they obviously had fun.

Him:  “It was just loose and we made each other laugh…[but] Flamenco and me should not hang out together…”

Jilly: “I hope tonight we can get to a whole new level.”

They eat snails — carefully.  She gives him a heartfelt play.  He affirms that, should he have an opinion, YOU WILL KNOW.  “I have a big hope for what’s possible…”

To the camera, he says: “No one’s judging and we’re having a great conversation.”

Jilly: “I think I’m falling in love with Kipytn…but I can’t spend the night with someone unless I know he’s falling in love with him…but I have to know he’s falling for me, too.”  She turns down the invitation to spend the night with him (!!!!!!!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Him: “When the card came, I was excited. If she’d ask me, I’d have said yes. But I respect her thoughts…”

Jilly: “When I look at Kiptyn, he has that energy that gets me in a good way.”

Kiptyn: “It’s exactly what I needed. This is a chance to see what we needed…”

Jilly “I totally lose myself when I’m with him…but I’ve got to feel that I’m the one he wants to spend the rest of his life, and can’t live without.”

Kiptyn, to the camera; What I’m finding out is that I could spend my life with her….”


She says: “I have a perma-smile when I see him. We definitely have a physical connection. Now I have to ask him hard questions.”

REID: “I think we’re in the right place to fall in love.” He brings a picnic basket.

They don’t know how to say “bread” in Spanish…try “PAN”.

She loves how much they laugh together.  Jilly: “I feel as if I’m my girlfriend. He’s not hte guy I picture myself with, but he makes me smile, he makes me comfortable…”

Him, to the camera: “I can imagine she did just as well with the other families. She’s smart, she’s pretty…”

To Her: “I think that every time we hang out, we get better. It takes me a whie to open up to tell you how I’m feeling.”

She puts him on the spot: “How do you feel?”

Him: We’re very similar. I’m attracted to you. If it continues, it could be a very good thing.”

Her: “We have a mutual, bubbly connection. He makes me laugh in a way that makes me feel okay.’

At dinner, she puts him on the spot: She wants to hear from hin what he thinks make them click.

He assures her that he, too feels their effortless chemistry.. “Obviously I’m not good at this, right?” she assures him he is.

Jilly: “Reid and I are having an incredible date. Obviously he’s opening up to me…”

Then they get the fantasy suite key (!!!)

he leaves it up to her. When she asks why, “It’s the gentlemanly thing to do…”  Jilly is disappointed. She says: “there is a part of me know what is good for [us going forward] if we continue to do what we do…”

He trusts her decision to decline the fantasy suite….”It sucks for me, but it was a smart move on her part.”

Jilly makes him elaborate on his statement that it sucks that she’ll be getting other fantasy suite keys with her other dates–and may accept it.  She tells him: “Just trust me.” He says “I do…”

JILLY: Don’t sabotage this one!

Jilly: “I love who I am when I’m with Reid.”  She’s afraid they may not have the same chemistry in bed….and (she doesn’t say it, but she) wants to wait, in case they don’t. Interesting…

Reid says in Spanish: “She has my heart. As comfortable as I am with Jillian, if I didn’t have that, I’d have nothing.”


He redeems himself in their horse and carriage–and in a fountain.   As Jillian says: “I can’t stop kissing him. I want to make up for lost time.”

Wow!!!! Ed gets DOWN TO IT.  He wants to know if she’d move to Chi-Town.  SAY YES.  Of course, he could find a gig easy in Vancouver–and he’d love the weather better.

Him: “You and I would grow, as great couples do.  I could see us being together a long, long time.”

Ed: “My mom wants a grand kid. I who wouldn’t want another little me?”

Jilly: “Would you want kids in a couple of years.”

Ed: |I know I’d be really good at it.”

Then “the letter’ comes with the fantasy suite key.  She reads it. He says he’d love to spend the night with you…but she puts him off. “I want to make sure my head is screwed on…” and then she says his leaving did affect how she feels about him… “I’m scared of not being rational, and not falling in love with you again.” When she sees his face, she says: “I do feel we need to get caught up…:

Ed: “I feel we do have to catch up.”  but she says “I do want to learn more about you, and I want you to learn more about me.”

He admits to camera: “I think she has a valid reason. But I think I made it clear I’m sincere.”

They are blown away by the suite. and snuggle in the beroom. He plays with and kisses her hand.   He teases her that if she wants to leave, he can have it. The cuddling brings them together.  They decide to “sleep in their clothes.”  And snuggle.

He knows how to touch her. That’s for sure. He tells her she’s his favorite part of Spain.


You notice how he always puts her on the defensive?  TAKE THAT AS A BIG HINT: No relationship should be that hard…

Wes thinks he knows Spanish because he had an album that did okay in Mexico. O…Kay…….

He tells her “she’s perfect. That the personality hs has is something he’s looking for, that he could bear his soul to…and then she notices that he is sitting as far away from her as possible.

Wes: “Relationships are all about bending. You’ll never break if you can bend.”  Bend THIS, Wes…..

Jilly: “Why do yo always have to defend yourself?”  There he goes again, talkin’ “a big game with the guys”…With his lack of affection, she knows SOMETHING IS WRONG.  Then she says “You’ll move to Vancouver for a couple of years.” She wants to see how far he’ll go for him…

But he looks at a one-foot bird, and spills his drink… oyoyoyoy. He IS nervous, whereas all the other guys were SO COMFORTABLE with her. If she keeps him hanging in there, I’ll be SO disappointed. IMHO, he’s SO not into her…

At dinner: She starts grilling him again. She admits he’s the bad boy cowboy singer that she’s attracted to…then she admits there are a lot of red flags. “I want to defend myself, and feel that I have an educated answer.” He says if he had a girlfriend than he’d be gone.  He admits — with his look – that yes, he’s in it for the publicity (!!!!) She says “If you were crazy about me, you would have kissed me, at least once already. You asked me to trust you back in Austin. If you’re really here for the right reasons, you’d try to kiss me.” He tells her he’s got to much pride to kiss her if she’s falling for someone else (!!!!) Dude, it’s not about you , it’s about her. She’s asking you to say you feel strong about her. But he won’t give her even that…as she cries.  He says: “I’m not hear to hurt you, but I’m Going to be true to myself. Numero Uno is important here.”

Well, THAT got her attention.

She brings up with Laurel. “Who broke up with whom”

Him: ‘She broke up with me…we had our differences…” Then he calls Lauren “his girlfriend.” YEA! JILLIAN NOTICED.  She’s broken up.

ROFLMAO!  The Fantasy Suite key comes!  Ouch!  AS IF!!!!!!

D’oh!!!!!  He says: “I think we should, actually.”

Um… NO.  She feels she “has gotten a lot of questions answered tonight.”  Finally!  She says: “He has something to hide…and he’s been showing it.” And yet, she once again feels “more sorry for him than I do for myself.”  GIRL: This show is about YOU. Feel sorry this for YOU for once.

At least she says: I need this, and I don’t need this for anyone but me.”


And she dumps….. WES!


Or in her words: “I’ve never been so sure in the rose ceremony than today…”

Wes, when Kiptyn lament it may be him.” “No, boys it’s me. I’ll be going home, having lots of sex…”

I PITY HIS POOR GIRLFRIEND(S…because we all know there are many women who will fall for his stupid, rude sophomoric lines…)

She wants to walk him out…and talk to him: as if she’ll say anything he cares to hear.  Of course, she doesn’t say what she should: “You wasted my time.”  He says “I’m the first guy to make it to the top 4 of the Bachelorette–with a girlfriend. It’ll take me a long time to get back ‘on my feet.'” I”m in Spain, I’m cuttin’ off the chain…And Ed: Good boys couldn’t get as much as a nibble.”

Jilly gets the last word: “There is something special about each guy I kept.”

Next week: HAWAII!

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