Bachelorette: Jake the Pilot Gives SMW the Dish!

jakejillianAs you’ll hear in the audio clip below, I had a great time on the air with Rochelle and Pam of Chat With Women Radio (KKNW, Seattle) as we discussed both their interview with THE BACHELORETTE’s Jake the Pilot, and the odious Wes.

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To recap:

Jake explains that, the way the show is set up, it’s not so hard for so many guys to fall for one girl, all at the same time. “There’s no computer, no iPod, no cellphones, no books, no TV  It strips you away fro the outside world. You’re basically in lockdown.  When you go out on a date, usually you talk to your best buds afterward. Well,  you can’t do that, because you’re competing with these guys…”

You’re left by yourself to sort through everything that happens, explains Jake. “You have more than enough time to analyze each and every minute of the day to analyze every little thing that happens. On that show, loneliness isn’t a stranger. When all you’re doing is dwelling about Jillian—how she’s reacting with the other guys—you start to fall in love. You have that person’s undivided  attentions. It causes emotions to stir quickly.”

Wow! Sounds like Regency England! No wonder Jane Austen’s heroes and heroines were so obsessed with love…

Jake puts it in perspective to his other normal relationships. “What really hampers relationships today is technology. You don’t really have that whole person…”

Pam brings up the fact that Wes was no gentleman —and Jake agrees  with that, with a big “Thank you!”

When asked why, when Tanner exposed Wes, why didn’t he or the other guys, step forward,  Jake points out that, at that time, he had no idea it was Wes, although he had his suspicions because “every time someone said girlfriend, he got defensive.”

In fact, when he and Wes bunked  overnight in Canada, he says “Wes came clean.. We talked all night about Laurel..He was going to leave! When I saw him take that rose, I turned green.”

And of course, that was the ceremony in which Jake was ditched.

That didn’t bother him as much as the fact that, like him,  some of the guys were in it because they truly were looking for love. He feels Jillian is in it for all the right reasons, too. “She just had blinders on.”

Which why he had to go back on the show and tell her what he knew. “I couldn’t sleep at night. I needed closure….I wasn’t sleeping at night. I loved her. I respected her. She needed the information. She’s on there for the right reasons. If I can take her one step closer to the fairy tell, so be it!”

Yep, this guy is a REAL Prince Charming—because he looks out for the princess’s happiness, as opposed to his own.

When prodded as to whether he had fallen in love with Jillian, he replies honesty: “There is a difference in loving, and being in love. I cannot tell you I truly fell in love, but I did love her.”

As to why he feels she didn’t give him a rose, he says wryly, “I don’t know why I get labeled as being too perfect. For 31 years I’ve heard that.”

More so now than ever, now that people recognize him, and tell him how much they enjoyed him on the show. He feels blessed with their kind thoughts. “I hate using the word fan. They’re friends.”

Does he regret having participated in the show? “No.  I would do it over and over again.”

As to whether or not he’d like to be ABC’s next BACHELOR, he laughs. “The subject hasn’t come up yet.”

Well Jake, you’ve got OUR vote!

Speaking of voting…

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