The Bachelorette: Recap for Monday 06/08/09


Wow!  Brad hits it on the head: “Tanner  P,  Dave and Wes! How will she find her man in that group?” Too bad she ditched him…

In  Vancouver (one of MY fave cities! Yea!)

Kiptyn gets the first 1-on-1…

Jake says glad he’s met a girl looking for a genuinely nice guy… (Hope he’s right!)

Jillian has a great “normal” day with Kiptyn: kayaking to the market, shopping for groceries together, cooking a meal.  they seem very comfortable together–especially when she’s ladeling out the food, and he’ gives her those adorable snuggle kisses!  AWESOME…  She loves his physical look (of course! Why else would she have given him a 1-on-1?)

I love the fact that he admits his shyness: personally he doesn’t do the pursuing–which, he feels is why he ends up with girls that pursue, but aren’t necessarily right to him. He has pushed himself to be there with her, to pursue her.  Interesting analogy…

She gives him the rose.  Good move.  N-O-R-M-A-L….  She sez: “He was that guy that made me feel like the only guy in the world.” So cute: when she closes the door after he walks out, she’s all gushy…

Jeebus! That group date is a SHIP OF FOOLS! Juan AND Dave?  Not to mention Tanner and Wes….oyoyoyoyoy….

LUCKY HOCKEY PUCKIN’: Red Team vs. Blue Team. Winning team plays with Jillian that night, while losing team goes home. Jeebus: both teams have guys I WOULD NEVER DATE IN A MILLION YEARS….  She so likes (note that I say LIKE) Break Dancin’ Michael…

Michael (after losing): “Someone is going to get a rose on the red team, and the blue team is just a blobbity blob blue…” So cute that he has such a crush! But I don’t see him as “mature” enough for her…

I also think Reid is right when he points out that “the nice guys ” were the blue team. “I think she was hoping we’d win so she could spend some time with us…”

On the BLUE TEAM date:  She chooses to reconnect with Jake (the pilot) again.  “I hope she’s looking for just a nice guy. Because I’m that guy…”

He tells her what he told the other guys, who would presume he’s jealous of all the time she’s spending with the others:  “She needs to see what the other guys are about…”

She  probes him about old girlfriends. “I want you to know that it’s okay that you’re not perfect. I already know that you are charming, good looking, successful…”

He tells the camera: “”I’ve been labeled as being too perfect all my life. That’s something I don’t want to hear.”  and “I took a little step back tonight, after talking to Jillian. I don’t know what she’s looking for.”

Next up: Jesse: ” He compliments her  “We had a great conversation. I think she’ awesome. Wherever she’s at is where the fun is.”

She tells him: “Just know that you’re hear fro a reason…”

Him: “Sitting down with Jillian was the best part of the whole day.” He went in for the  kiss–and got it.

Dave cautions Jake, who asks if he thinks he’s ” too perfect”:   I think girls like a bit of a challenge…”   DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.

Dave to Jillian  “I liked that spandex outfit.”

Dave to the camera: “She’s got a cute ass!”

Jillian to the camera: “He gets a little too comfortable with me.”  He pushes her for a kiss–but she pushes back.  He accuses her of kissing everyone; “There have been a few times with Dave that he has disrespected me. I need to know if he’s going to keep treating me that way.”

Dave: “She’s testing me. So game is ON.”  Um…. NOT!

The other guys are worried that creepy Dave will get the rose. THANK GAWD she gave it to Jesse.  He cheers his team mate.

Mike and Mark then have the 2-on-1 : One stays, one goes…

Mike: “If Jillian had a hidden camera, she’d see who was real…”

Mike makes the first right move: He hugs her. Mark can kick himself for not thinking about it first…

She takes them on a helicopter ride. Mike holds her hand, despite Mark’s presence: Says Mike: “If he feels like a third wheel, so be it. I don’t want to go home. I want that rose.”

Mike also is the first to make a toast. “here’s to Jillian. The more I know you, the more I’m attracted to you. You live life to the fullest.” BRING IT ON, DUDE!

Mark: “I’m out of my comfort zone.”

Jillian: “I see my girlfriends put themselves out there, and they’re scared.”  She’s got some heavy bruises…I feel for her.

Mike: “It’s time to close the deal and put it all out there. I’m going to close this deal…”

On their 1-on-1 he tells her, “I’m looking for the woman who I want to spend my time with. Big risks, big rewards. It’s scary, because you have lall these connections with all these other guys, but I have to put it all out there…I may no be the most handsome, most successful, most talented. But I want to put it all out there.”

Jillian: I’m positive he’d treat me like gold if I were his wife…”

Mark admits: I’ve had a couple of relationships that make this tough for me…”  He talks about a long-distance relationship that didn’t work out…”It was never confirmed, but I’m sure I was treated on…|

Mark: “I shared some stuff with her that I wouldn’t have, on a second date…”

Jillian:  “When he was talking about how he had his heart broken, I could see that in him.”

When she answers if he thinks he can find love there on the show, Mark answers: “Love comes anywhere. I don’t think there is any venue where love can’t be found.”

OMG!  She gave the rose to MARK!!!!  Jillian: “I don’t know if you know how hard this decision is to me…”

Mike:  “It’ took a while for this to sink in…”

Why doesn’t she take two guys that she DOESN’T feel about–so that a wrong one gets sent home for sure?  Very dumb!!!!

Jillian: “I’m not going for the cliche thing that all girls think they want in a husband. I’m going for what I think I want in a partner.”

Mike: “I put it all out there–and I thought that’s what she was looking for.  I was looking forward to bringing her home, to look meeting my family.”

Group cocktail party:  Everyone wants to warn her off Wes, because they know he’s there for the wrong reason… HELLOOOOO! JILLIAN!!!!!

Is he lying? “I’m ready to settle down, slow down, have some kids…” Say what??? Not have a career?  “Reid is chompin’ at the bit. “I think one of the bad guys is goin’ home.” Wishful thinking…

BIG BROUHAHA!  Toe Jam Tanner lets it out of the bag that “one guy” has a girl friend at home (!!!) but he’s too chicken to say it’s Wes..

When she calls them all on the carpet, WES IS THE FIRST TO DENY IT.

Good for her: she refuses to give out the roses until she knows…

But then she breaks down and gives. in Roses go to:

Ed, Robbie, Reid, Michael, Jake, Tanner–


Jesse already had one, as did Mark, as did Kiptyn.

OMG!  Juan and Dave go home!!!!  Well, so much for the cat fight. MEOW!

Juan leaves like a gent. Says he’s ready to get married. (Dude, I hear ya, since this is what “dating” has come to!)

On the other hand, Demolition Dave asks her why she let him go…Um: BECAUSE YOU’RE PSYCHO????

She’s tearin’ up every five minutes! I LOVE THIS SHOW!
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