SMW BACHELORETTE Recap for Mon 7/13/09: Reid Is OUT!


And Jillian’s first date is with Kiptyn:

They do a challenge course–which includes standing on a very tall POLE and reaching for a trapeze. Believe it or not, Kiptyn walks her through it. Whatta guy! After talking her up to the pole, he tells her “Leap of faith”…he grabs his bar, but she misses…He will give her the promised kiss anyway…when they reach the end of the zip wire.

Her: “Today I saw a side of Kiptyn I’ve been waiting to see.” Not only is he’s nurturing, he’s sensitive, too.

Next up: Reid: a helicopter ride over the island! And guess what? The helicopter pilot is an ordained minister–who performs ceremonies! Whereas she can easily picture him, standing at the altar for her. But Reid feels things are moving too fast.

She loves that he makes her laugh. While they were supposed to be looking at the sites, they can’t take their eyes off each others….

But when she questions him, if, at the end will he be ready to propose, he laughs it off. Jilly: “As open-minded as he is, he hasn’t been able to say he can.”

Meet the Parents: Ed’s

Jilly’s got diarrhea of the mouth: is she nervous? In her walk out of the cliffs with Ed’s mom, Mom says she wonders if Ed is out of her element. At the same time Ed’s dad is giving him the 3rd degree: “What the hell are you doing out here?” But Dad comes around: He says he’s proud of Ed for turning back around and asking Jilly to take him back. By the end of the conversation, Ed says: “If she says I’m the one, I’ll ask her to marry me.”

Mom convinces Jilly that Ed is serious about her, because of his behavior around her.

Ed’s dad wants a shot at Jilly: He tells Jilly, tearfully, that he’s never seen Ed put his feelings on his shirtsleeves as he has, for her. “What you see is what you get.”

Jilly: “I couldn’t ask for anything to go better today.”

She compares Ed’s dad to her own, and asks him into the fantasy suite….

Of course, with all the tinny lights and candles on the balcony, it’s romantic as all get-out.

She: “I hope we can make it work.”

He: “I really don’t want my relationships to take a back seat. I would love for you to be the reason for me to not work….I’m here for you…I’m absolutely falling in love with you. I’ve never felt this way.”

Okay, they are on the bed…and oiling each other down…WITH THE CAMERAS ON THEM…. And that’s supposed to be romantic?…..

Jilly: “I think we were sunburned, exhausted, had a huge date….but that wasn’t there. This was the one person I wanted to be with this whole time, in this setting…”

Him: I was very nervous, and it didn’t happen. She could ask me to leave.”

Jilly: “It was my only opportunity to be alone with him, but we both wanted to fall asleep adn that confused me. Either the chemistry is not there, or else there is so much going through is mine that it took his mine off me.”

The mens’ video love letters are very touching. Kiptyn’s is confident and honest about his love for her. Reid’s is touching and tentative: that he wants her to keep him around.

Ed’s tells her that despite their “bumps” in the road” he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with her, and propose to her. that has her breathing heavy.

Rose ceremony:

Uh-OH! She asks Ed to the side: “That last night didn’t go the way we thought it would…” He convinces her he’ll deliver when it counts.

She gives Kiptyn the first rose. The second one goes to….


Wow. Talk about a SAVE.

Reid tells her, as they walk out: “I hope you’ve made the right move.”

Jilly: “I don’t know if I have. You are everything I thought I wanted. You’re goofy and fun and romantic. But I don’t know if we’re in the same place at this point in time.”

Him: “I should haven’t opened up sooner. I didn’t give you the signs you needed. I don’t know if that would change anything.”

Reid to the camera: “I wish I could have opened up to her. It was a tough moment. A surprising moment. I could definitely see myself with her. I was definitely falling in the love with her. I saw her with my family, and she was perfect. It was f**ked. Really f**ked. It’s surreal to know we have that connection….It would have been a lot easier if I told her I loved her. If I could reserve things, I would.”

Ed comes to get her off the bench, as she cries.

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