SMW BACHELORETTE Recap, Mon 7/20/09


Host Chris Harrison is a total dollface, smooth as silk. What I love the most, though:

Wes gets boo’ed when Chris first mentions his name.

Chris’ one-on-one with Jilly: Interesting. I didn’t realize this, but she hung onto 4 of the 5 of those 30, who came in late…including….TANNER? “Maybe they kept the best for last…”


On David:  She reiterates he was inappropriate, and he didn’t treat her with “dignity and class….”

When Ed: Left:  “She was truly upset. When he got back from the hometowns: She couldn’t play hard-to-get…wanted to “crawl up on his lap and laugh and kiss him….I could have made it hard on him, but I didn’t…”

Kiptyn on the ropes course: She loved the fact that he proved he wasn’t perfect there…

Re: Wes:  She thought he wanted a family??? “No, it wasn’t the bad boy I was attracted to…”  Chris: “There were so many red flags…”   Jilly: “Well, not for me…I always thought I was going to marry [that] honky-tonk cowboy….”  Well, you got taken…

Re: Reid:  “I was falling in love with Reid. Should I have given him a chance…” He was the one she wasn’t ready to let go…

Jilly: “Ed is the happiest funniest drunk I’ve ever seen..”  Why didn’t we see that before now????

Breaking up with Robbie on the train:  Apparently the train missed the stop, which is why it looked as if she dropped him off in the middle of NOWHERE.

Reid dancing Hula in Hawaii:  NOT GOOD.  However, he can CERTAINLY shake his booty… VERY CUTE.

Hometown visits with Kiptyn, and his STAND UP FOR KIDS charity, where they get life coaching, and also a place to eat and sleep. Jilly:  “I didn’t understand what a big part of that organization that he was.”

One kid, to her:  “My girlfriend and I were best friends. That’s always how it starts.”  Jilly: “What girl doesn’t want to see the guy she’s falling for have such a big heart?”

Molly and Jason:   All lovey-dovey… Her: “There will be a wedding.”  Him: “You can’t mess with fate. Something had to happen for Melissa to move on and do all the things she’s done…and for Jillian to move on and do all the things she’s done….”

Chris talkin’ to Tanner (as if we care):  “We cough, we stink, we fart….we don’t take care of our feet.”  GIVE IT A REST, PUH-EEEEZ….

Hip-Hop Michael:  “I underestimated how much fun a reltionship can be.”

Jake on Jilly: “She’s a dollface…”

Tanner…calling Jake STRANGE?????  All the other guys think he’s “too nice…”

Robbie, the bartender, always had the first beer…. Jake: “Robbie is not Robbie unless he has a drink…” So sad.

ALL the dudes diss Wes!  …. And of course we LURV Dave’s “attack Juan” scene…

So it’s great to see the audience go at Dave for being such a P-I-G with Jilly.

Chris: “It’s like a buffet scene, for a host…”   NO SHITE.

Jake, on being perfect: “What a compliment.”

Tanner F: “I think, at the last minute you pulled a Mesnick: when a grown man leans over a hotel bannister and cries.”  DISS!!!!!!   But…we women like it, GUY!

Sasha, tells him to quit calling himself “perfect.”  “It doesn’t seem like you’re a real person.”

Jake:  “Let me put that to bed: Sasha, f**K you!”

Chris says: “That’s the first time anyone’s used that on this show…”  Um… I’m guessing not.

Dave: Explains why he hated Juan:  BECAUSE HE FAKED BEING CLOSE TO THE OTHERS.  “There is mancode that you don’t fake. it…If you’re friend of another guy, you don’t sleep with his girl…”

Chris (perplexed): “But here, you’re all fishin’ in the same pool. Isn’t THE BACHELORETTE, in and of itself, a break in the mancode?”

Juan: “I didn’t drink because I wanted to be in control.”

Chris (double-perplexed): “Why should any of you care (if he drank or not)?”

Chris is still confused to why none of the guys didn’t tell Jilly about Wes’ girlfriend.  (SO ARE THE VIEWERS, CHRIS.)

As the boyz defend their manspeak code BS, Jake says: “Why waste time on all this alpha-male banter? Where is Jillian on all  this?” Amen, bro!

Chris talks to  Jillian about giving David the first impression rose, although he was speechless. Boy, she’s got a good heart….  but then he talks about her “ass in spandex” as being hot– and claiming that she set him up (!!!!)…. HE’S DELUSIONAL.

Chris: “In the mancode, where is the respect for women, for looking out for women?”

Dave: “We were in a house with guys. It’s not a normal situation…Maybe I didn’t a couple of disrespectful things with Jillian..” Duh. Ya THINK????

Mike: “I was pretty blown away by (his grabbing her shirt) all that.”

Juan: “We were all in the same boat. To say it’s because you’re cooped up with a bunch of guys, well, it didn’t bother the rest of us.”

Chris: “If Jillian told you (made her feel uncomfortable) to you face, how would you respond?”  Dave: “I’d say I’m sorry…”

Okay, now Chris is recapping Jake’s journey with Jillian….  Jake: “I can definitely envision Jillian being my co-pilot.”

And when she didn’t pick him: “I’ve been down this road before: nice guys finished last…. She will get hurt. He (Wes) will break his heart…. Jillian is a innocent girl, caught in the middle of a lie.”

He REALLY wants to get married…will they choose him for the next BACHELOR?

Chris on the “mancode” of “ratting out another guy”: Jake says “Hell, no!  I’d do it again!”

Audience to Jake: “Do you still have feelings for Jillian?”  Jake: “I always will.”

Also: “Would you be the next bachelor?”  Jake: “As flattering as that is, I really haven’t thought that far. it would be an honor, though…”

Jillly on Wes: “I think he gets me more than any of the guys here…I can see myself falling in love with him.”

All the guys diss Wes…and Dave DEFENDS him. Surprised????  Juan: “Even before he was let go, he wanted to be.”

Chris asks a guy what he thought of Wes: “I think Wes was a joke from the get-go…” Re: Jake “If his motives were right, he went back for the right reason.”

One fan: “If it walks like a snake and talks like a snake, it’s not the type of guy a woman will want to date.”

Then they do a film montage on Wes….IT’S ALL ABOUT SELLING THAT STUPID CD!!!!!

Guess what: He’s such a wuss, he wouldn’t even come on the recap show.

Now with Jilly:

Jilly feels the drama Juan went through broke her heart.  He feels validated.

Jilly tells Dave she DID feel uncomfortable with his suggestive behavior.  She wishes she had spoken up at the time.  He apologizes, she tells him he has her forgiveness.

Mike Steinberg she wishes she hadn’t let go so early, As well as hip-hop Mike.

And of course she talks about crying when she had to let Reid go.

Jilly: Tells Jake that she didn’t want to string him along. Well, she’s honest…

Jilly: Still won’t admit that she had bad judgment with Wes. Her voice shakes as she says, “In hindsight, I should have let him go earlier…”

Hip Hop Mike: “I’m thankful for having met you. I feel wiser for what I’m looking for in love.”

Juan says for once he agrees with Tanner P: “Your feet are really hot.”

Outtakes: Jillian obviously loves pepperoni…. O…Kay….

Jilly: “It all turned out good in the end…”  WE HOPE!

Here’s my recap from last week, On KKNW Seattle’s Chat With Women morning show…

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