BACHELORETTE Recap, Week 3: Geek Ed Eeks It Out

edandjillianOkay, gang, here are my notes, taken during THE BACHELORETTE. Feel free to chime in! Also, I Twitter during the show, so you can catch me there, too:

Ed, the techno geek from Chicago, gets the individual date: He wants to bring the heat!  Ed, Ouch! Jillian says: ” I want Ed’s heart to race, but I want to push it to the limit…” which, to Jillian, means jumping off one of the tallest buildings in LA, on a wire (!!!) Damn better him than me! Ed gulps, then asks: “What floor are we on?” Jillian’s response: “The TOP floor…” He rapples down, with flying (literally) colors.”It was scary as hell. I have to do this. Can’t chicken out. “She was calm. that made me relax, too…”

Jillian: “You have to take chances; you have to take a leap of faith…” and “I think Ed and I conquered our fears together today…and it brought us closer together…”

Good physical attraction and chemistry, especially when they are in the pool …. They had a camera under the water in the pool!!!!!! OMG!!!!

Romantic date, high above LA. at the Bonaventure Hotel.

Jillian, so cute:”I popped your helicopter cherry..” She lets him know that she wants to get to know him better… He tells her how he goes out with his buds to a local tavern.  “It defines hole in the wall. Then it becomes a karioke bar…  When she tells him she can’s sing, he responds: “It’s not about being good. It’s about thinking you’re good…” Perfect!

And he’s honest with her: “I have a hard time balancing my work life and my home life…”

Eleven guys go with Jillian to an old Western movies set:

As in Brokeback Mountain, Mike has to kiss OTHER MIKE? Hey, could be worse (they could have had the Tanners kiss!….ouch!)

Poor Brad: he’s a stiff actor…then again, so is Jillian… Sadly, he doesn’t know it: “I definitely gave Jillian one of the best kisses in her life…” Um…NO.

Toe Jam Tanner: “It’s the worst scene I’ve seen since 1984…” (For once, I agree with the dude..)

Every “movie scene” has her kissing at least one guy… and, surprisingly, some of the guys are self-conscious.

Robbie LOCKS LIPS and GOES FOR IT… “He’s got the cutest smile, and the cutest eyes..” DUH! What about THAT KISS???? …aha! It paid off…WITH A KISS.

Wes: He acts SO DOMINEERING…. Dude: GET OVER IT! It doesn’t look like she’s falling for it…THANK GAWD.

Sorry: Juan creeps me out. Obviously, not as much as Dave…

On her individual date, with Sasha, to the car museum:

After an exhilarating drive in a Ferarri, he tells her about his teen car wreck, in which the cops thought he was going to die, the doctors thought he’d never walk again, his pelvis was crushed, his mom still tears up about it…

WTF? She sends SASHA home???? After the emotions they’ve just shared????

And when he goes to get his bag, the other guys are SO MEAN.

Sasha’s last words, as he shakes his head in disbelief: “I started the night in a limosine, drove a Ferarri, and now I’m going home on a bus.” Dude, we feel your pain.

Yep, this is where I decide Jillian will certainly be receiving a free copy of THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO FINDING MR. RIGHT. (Blatant self promotion, LOL!)

And Wes is STILL THERE?????? What BS….

Back at the Frat House:

Toe Jam Tanner: “I’m not going to do that (sing.) I got other skills.” What…like TOE SUCKING????? That ain’t a skill, dude… and then he says: “Her feet look good, I wanted to put them in my mouth….” and “I’m hear to suck on some toes, and I’m here to know Jillian…” (Um…in that ORDER? WRONG!) “I totally want to make a conection with HER FEET.” (and then he does the suck-on-toes dance…NOT GOOD.)

Has Jillian caught on? Her soundbite: “It took him publicly less than 10 seconds to kiss my feet…” GREAT. TAKE THE HINT GET RID OF HIM ! Dollface, you DON’T have to like EVERYONE (especially not him…)

Wes finally gets to play his song for her–on national television of course. But when she tearfully cuts him off to tell him how much it meant to her, he answers: “I’m gonna play it again…(And possibly attract a music producer from Nashville…)

Okay, Dave is A BULLY. So what if at 35, Juan is the oldest guy there? Maybe that means he’s truly ready to settle down. In fact, Dave is SO out of control that he’s actually making me LIKE Juan. Talk about a guy who needs to go to anger management school. Hope Jillian can at least smell it on him…

Okay, so who did Not get a rose?

Brad (apparently his kiss was less than enthralling), Tanner F. (too bad it wasn’t Toe Jam Tanner!) and, sadly, Sasha. (What was that girl thinking?)

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