Josie’s BACHELORETTE Recap, Mon 6/29/09

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It’s Meet the Parents Night on THE BACHELORETTE. Usually that’s an eyeful for viewers, as is. But the biggest surprises came after the hometown visits. More on that in a moment…

FIRST OFF: She’s in Reid’s backyard: Philly:  Good move: he’s holding her knee. Uym,…some nose snuggling before a kiss. She thinks it will be a very easy city to live in (Hell yeah! Luv the Philly!)

Reid: “Approval by my close family members if very important. If one says she’s not right I’d listen…”  Hmmmmm…

Reid: “My mom calls me every two days to see who I’m dating, now that I’m close to turning 30….”

Reid’s mom: “Kids gravitate to Reid.”….and to the camera: “Reid could get hurt.

Mom tells how he’s been hurt once…and tells Jilly she’s adorable.

Jilly KNOWS she’d be a great mo-in-law….

Oh, great:  Bros are telling Jilly that “he has a commitment issue….”  Um…..that’s SABOTAGE.  Why, bros, WHY?

Reid tells dad up front:  “I think were’ in the same situation…and I could fall in love.:

Dad: “If you think you’re a good match, go in head over heels….”  To camera:  “Don’t ask (the brothers, or me) if it’s okay. Just do it.”

Reid: It’s a great feeling to have Jilly there and my family there…

Mom:  “It makes me feel great that he is so affection. It makes me feel she’s the one…”

Reid: “Our relationship grew today. I think I could fall in love with her.”

Jilly: “I fell hard for Reid today. And I fell for his family.”   (Um…did she pull back when he kissed her….?????)


Great family.  Sweet mom and dad, and bro….But the switcheroo attempt:  Um, NO.  And of course, Jilly sees through it IMMEDIATELY.

Dad has heart-to-heart with Mike:  “She can break your heart.”  Um, YEAH.  YOU ARE TOO YOUNG FOR HER.

Jilly’s talk with the bro: “Yeah, I’m worried that he’s too young.”  But bro reassures her that “Mike wants to be a good father, a good husband.”

Jilly: “He makes me laugh.”

But then she tells the family: ‘I have the ability to laugh pretty much about anyone.”

Sis Jenna, very important to Mike, comes back from Australia to be with  them.

They all dance, which is cute.  Mike: “Am I nuts, are does she just fit in (to our family)?”  Well, we shall see…

Jilly: “I can tell that he’s ready for something like this. That he has depth…”

Mike: “I haven’t met a girl like her. ’til the day I die I think I’ll know this.

Kiptyn:  “I’m having the best of both worlds” and “Kiptyn is that guy I’ve always dreamed about being with….”

But she’s worried she won’t fit into his family.

Kip: It makes it that much easier when your family likes her.”

“Kip’s family is very polished, educated and refined….They may think I’m a total hillbilly.”  Jilly: DON’T SABOTAGE YOUR CHANCE HERE…

“Get her pregnant” is what Kip’s sister says to him. That’s the spirit!

Mom: “Is there something about you that you could change to make Kip happier, what would it be?”

Jilly is intense, intimated. “But my answers are heartfelt, and I stand by them.”

Sis: “I hope you don’t feel you have to jump into anything.”…and “Can you ask you to marry her?|

Kip: “Not now, but maybe three months from now.”

Mom: “I can definitely see Jillian as my daughter-and-law…”

Kip:  “They love you. You make a great impression on everyone you meet…”

Jilly: “But what if, at the end of this, he feels I’m not good enough?”


Jilly: Excited to see him. She want’ to pick up from the moment he opened up to her, in front of the fire in Banff.

She tells him that her only concern is if he’s ready, since they got off to a slow start.  She waits for him to answer…

Jesse: “It takes me a long time to figure it out. We’ve made the most of the time we’ve had, and I don’t think it could go any better than how it has.”

She wants to earn as much about Jess through his parents as possible.

She asks bro Jake if he’s dating anyone, and he says No. “Girls are expense.”

Jilly hits back: “I’m not.”

Jesse: ‘I had a 3 1/2 year relationship and broke it off.”  He informs his bro that both he and Jilly are “on the 5-year plan” when it comes to kids. This throws Bro. “Seriously?”

Jesse with Bro: “I have no problems trying to make this work. It couldn’t have gone any better than how it’s gone.”

Bro: “There’s an excitement in his voice, and that makes me take a step back.”

Jilly: Tells bro that Jesse was a late bloomer. Bro: “He can be an emotional iceberg. I haven’t been able see anyone crack his shell…”

She likes that the family can rock out with instruments.  That’s super.  “I can see myself here…it’s wicked.”

He’s impressed that everyone in his family loves her.  “From the start, I want another chance. I want to take a step forward…I keep wanting to move forward, to have another chance.”  Great kiss. No push-back.

If I can compare my relationship to a good wine.  You want to drink it, to take is slow, to let it mature before you take full advantage of it…”


Jilly: “I’m the closest to him of all the guys…” (oyoyoyoy…) “but I feel one of us his holding something back…”  (HELOOOOOOO!!!!!)

Wes” “She’ll have my CD before she leaves Austin.”  Oh, JOY.

Jilly: “Watching Wes here, I’m dizzy. I’m thinking about how wonderful Wes is.”

Wes: “This is my church. There is no drug, no woman, nothing can make you feel like when you’re onstage.”


“My goal is to protect her. Wes is a deceiver. That guy will say whatever he has to, to get his agenda done. I need to tell Jillian he has a girlfriend.”

Wes sings Jilly “her song” again.  Jilly: “I can’t help but feel I’d be a happy girl spending the rest of my life with him.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Oh, boy, Jake: You’re asking TANNER for advice as to whether or not you should tell Jillian? Um….NO.

Jilly to Wes:  “You’re my type…but I have to have you to myself.”

Jilly:  “You need to know something: I’m crazy about you.”|

Wes: “If I don’t feel like that, I’m outta here….I’m here for the right reasons. I don’t know what to say. I really wanna try to make this work, honestly..”

It’s not fair that Wes cam here and is playing with Jillian’s heart. I’m going to put a stop to that today.”

THANK YOU JAKE:  You named the girl, you told her that she deserves a guy who worships the ground she walks on. (HELLOOOOOOO. Jilly! Do you HEAR THIS??????)

Jilly, crying: ”I came here because I was sincere and honest.  It’s humiliating to have the same emotions because guys aren’t here for the right reasons…Maybe a should quit.

Always a gentleman, Jake says: “I you need me, You can call me. I’ll be hear for a while.|

Jilly: “I guess I know who’s the one with a girlfriend.”

Wes comes to pick her up–and she asks: “I need to ask you one more time, that you need to tell me about your intentions, you past, anything.”

Him:  “I hate that you’re asking me this. I think I told you my intentions….just come out and ask me.”

Jilly:  “Someone told me tonight that you have a girlfriend.”  Then she tells him Jake told her.  Great: let him focus his anger on Jake, as opposed to THE TRUTH.  Give him a scapegoat.”

Wes: “I told him I have a girlfriend, we broke up, she’s still my best friend to this day.”

Jilly:  I have a lot of tolerance people making mistakes. But not for lying.”

Wes: “I’m not here to play any games. I’m really not. I’m being as honest with you as I possibly can.  You should be able to look at me and know I’m tell you the truth….Bring him out. I don’t care.” She bites her nail as she dials.

Jake: “Now, more than ever, I’ll protect her. He’s not going to lie to me. I’ll hold him accountable.”

He does. AND SHE DOESN’T GET IT.  “She’s just an innocent girl, trying to find love, and he’s been getting in the way.”  He cries outside her door. “Jillian is one of the greatest girls I’ve ever met….I don’t know why he’s continuing to lie to her…”

Wes’ family is very nice, no issues there. But when she asks Mom about Wes, Mom assures her that “Wes would never lie to you.” Spoken like a Mom, for sure.


Says he made a bad choice…and I want another shot. I promise I won’t let you down.”


I LOVE her yellow dress. A total winner.  |

Jilly says “I would rather make my own decision, be wrong and get burnt (honey, be prepared!) than follow someone else’s opinion, find out he was wrong, and have hurt someone else.”  Jilly, you forget: This is about YOU, not THEM.  Start listening. Didn’t Jake already prove himself as an upstart dude (despite you dumping him)?
Jilly: “Seeing him, I get so many butterflies…I have to think about what he put me through…and how much he means to me…”

Hey, she’s good at letting guys sweet-talk her. So why not?


Guys are shocked to see Ed (!!!!)

Wes looks SICK.  (Gee, I wonder why…)

Reid gets a rose (Yea!) and Kiptyn (Yea!…boy, he puts a smile on her face…) and Ed (good choice…decent dude!)….and…..


Sorry, Jilly, but ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE.

Jesse can’t even say anything to her. He just walks away. Her eyes follow him…

Jesse: “Yeah, Wes is here for the wrong reason. He’s going to exploit his music.”

Mike tells her: “I’ll miss you.”  To the camera: “For a girl that just dumped me, that broke my heart, I cannot say a bad thing about her….That I’m not going to get to see her, that won’t go away for a while….If I can tell Jillian three things, it’s that she’s beautiful, I’m going with you, and be happy.”

Next week: SPAIN.

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