Back-to-School, Single Mom Style

It’s that time of year again, single moms, when the cool crisp summer weather slowly creeps in, and that “fall feeling” overtakes us.

It’s back to backpacks, books, homework, strict bedtimes, and for our kids…a lot less fun! This can be a stressful time for many single moms, as they experience that empty-nest feeling.

For those of you moms feeling a little lonely at the silence that has overtaken your house– take a look at our new family feature; Why Does Back-to-School Have to Happen to Single Moms? for some great tips on how to handle the back-to-school blues.

And if you’re the single mom of a teenager beginning high school, now would be a great time to read, The Talk Single Moms Need to Have; Talking to Your Kids About Sex . Dr. Sharon Maxwell gives moms the lowdown about the advantages of being upfront about sex with your kids.

In September we hope you’ll consider us your resource for all your back-to-school issues and needs. Here at the Family channel we’ll have articles handling the back-to-school rush, packing the most nutritious lunches, making quick, healthy-on the go dinners and  oh so much more.

We have plenty of goodies in store for you single moms!

As Always, Happy Sunday!
Melissa Chapman
Family Editor