Best & Worst Celebrity Style

I’ve been following (and copying) celebrity fashion for a loooooooooong time (you would too if you learned to read by pilfering your grandma’s stash of People magazines). Sure, there have been misses – blue, pink and yellow Punky Brewster high-tops come to mind – but there have been a few hits too, like the Audrey Hepburn-esque black dress I finally got to wear out last weekend. I definitely felt like Holly Golightly, minus the emotional issues.

Padma LakshmiThis week’s Your Looks feature, “LA Confidential,” gives you the down-low on mimicking the styles of well-dressed stars like Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, Oprah and Cate Blanchett, each of whom embody a unique, iconic fashion sense.

But enough about celebs who know how to dress well. Let’s dish on the ones who need some help. Below are my picks for the best- and worst-dressed personalities blowing up my TV screen right now.


1. Ramona Singer, “Real Housewives of New York City”: Listen to your daughter, dear. It’s perfectly okay to still want to strut your stuff in your 40s, but it’s always sexier to leave something to the imagination – not do a double-whammy in a low-cut top and a tiny skirt. Even if it did cost a fortune. (Dishonorable mention goes to Alex’s husband, Simon, for wearing that Speedo.)

2.  Paula Abdul, “American Idol”: Simon Cowell’s traditional black V-necks may  be boring, but there’s something to be said for subtlety. By contrast, Paula’s kooky wardrobe – silver sequins, Michael Jackson gloves, etc. – are the fashion equivalent of a disco ball. Take it down a notch!

3. Natalie, “Big Brother 9”: Booty shorts, pigtails and knee-high socks – all at the same time – may fly at the bikini bar, but they don’t belong on a 28-year-old woman.


1. Padma Lakshmi, “Top Chef”: Okay, so perhaps you would never wear halter tops and stilettos in a real working kitchen, and maybe it’s easy to look stylish when you’re surrounded by people in white smocks.  but Padma still hits it out of the park every time. Her flirty, feminine, and colorful (but always tasteful) ensembles, accented with exotic accessories are a true highlight.

2. LuAnn de Lesseps, “Real Housewives of New York City”: This 40-something countess (and former model) has mastered the art of looking chic 24/7. Whether it’s a pink polo, jeans and scarf for a horse event, a little black dress for drinks with the girls, or a hip jacket for downtown, she always dresses just right for the occasion – and her age.

3. Lauren Conrad, “The Hills”: Interning at a fashion magazine must come in handy. I love Lauren’s sophisticated yet relaxed California girl style. She never tries too hard to jump on trends, but still looks fresh and modern.

-Erin Donnelly, Your Looks editor