Calling All Single Woman Bloggers!

Calling all Single Woman Bloggers!As single women who are also writers, we often blog about the misconceptions and unfair treatment of single and unmarried people.  What would happen if all of us wrote about this same issue on the same day?

The Communication League for Unmarried Equality (CLUE) is trying to get all single bloggers together to do just that.  On April 15, a day when singles pay more than their fair share, CLUE wants to have as many bloggers/writers as possible write about this issue using their own experiences and own voice.

A report by, recently published in The Atlantic magazine states:

  • The U.S. government regularly and routinely discriminates against fifty percent of our population: single people.
  • Our federal code alone contains over 1,000 laws where marital status is a factor, and in most cases single people lose out.
  • Some of the most egregious examples of Marital Status Discrimination occur in Income Tax, IRAs, and Social Security laws, which all largely favor married people.
  • A single person earning $80,000/year could easily spend a million dollars more than his or her married peer over the course of a lifetime, based on only a few of the most discriminatory laws.

Interested in letting your voice be heard? In making a difference by joining thousands of single bloggers? If so, email CLUE at

The Communication League for Unmarried Equality (CLUE) is make up of :

  • Bella DePaulo, author of Singled Out and the “Living Single” blog at Psychology Today
  • Christina Campbell and Lisa A. of, (pronounced wun-lee), a blog that challenges stereotypes about singles
  • Eleanore Wells, blogger and author of The Spinsterlicious Life
  • Cindy Butler of Unmarried Equality Resources

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