Celebrity Single Mom Bridget Moynihan

images.jpegI just finished reading an article on single mom Bridget Moynihan and couldn’t help but think of the many non-celebrity women that have also experienced pregnancy and childbirth without the support of the child’s father.

As we witness daily on TV and in the myriad of gossip magazines, celebrities are not exempt from the same relationship trials and tribulations that us non-celebrities go through. What’s tragic, in my opinion, is that their private lives are played out for the world to see, whether we want to or not.

Could you imagine, waking up alone and pregnant each day only to see photo after photo of your ex walking hand-in-hand with his new girlfriend; a gorgeous super model? That would be enough to send any woman into a tailspin – let alone a hormonally challenged single, pregnant woman.

In the article, Bridget reveals that although the situation was not ideal, she did have the support of family and friends that helped her through her pregnancy. She even dated! In the end, her decision to be a single mom gave her the greatest gift – her son.

Bridget Moynihan is just one of the many American women today whom have decided that settling for Mr. Wrong is not an option – especially when it comes to starting a family.

At SingleMindedWomen.com, we know that life throws us all curve balls. But it’s how we handle them and the choices we make that set in motion our future. Single women today are strong, independent and a powerful group (54 million). And thankfully we live in a country and era that allows us to build a family in non-traditional ways.

Celebrity aside, I think Bridget Moynihan is an inspiration to other women whom find themselves single, pregnant and without a partner or whom have made the conscious decision to be a single mom. Life doesn’t end just because you are single and pregnant – rather from my experience, it was just the beginning!

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Allison O’Connor,