Christie Brinkley is a Single Mom…Again!


The ageless and nearly flawless 50-something supermodel Christie Brinkley and her  philandering ex husband Peter Cook finally settled their courtroom battles this week and Ms. Brinkley is now back to being a full-time single mom once again.

For single moms just like her, Single Minded Women’s Dr. Susan Bartell offers her tips for not playing into an ex who has her slated in the role of Mommy Dearest, while he gets to whoop it up as the fun parent!

Of course, most of us “average” women cannot fathom how any man would even possibly consider cheating on a woman as seemingly perfect as Brinkley and it has left us at Single Minded Women for lack of a better word…speechless!

As women we are forever attempting to navigate our relationships with the opposite sex, and more often than not we blame ourselves when a relationship goes sour- especially when infidelity on the part of our spouse is the culprit.

As was the case of Brinkley’s ex-husband  Peter Cook, who cheated on Brinkley with his then 18-year-old assistant, Diana Bianchi.





Of course we immediately blame ourselves when our spouse strays; perhaps our beauty is not alluring enough, and if the infidelity is with a much younger woman, we think our sagging jowls or those tiny crow’s feet lining the sides of our eyes must have at the very least added to the reasons he cheated .  




We all looked at Christie and her seemingly charmed life with her Ken doll look-a-like husband the bronzed and blonde Adonis Cook appeared to be- and she his symbiotic counterpart the closest thing to a living and breathing Barbie Doll.  




The fact that their marriage derailed and they waged a very public custody battle over their kids- proves once again that fame, money and winning the genetic lottery does not have any real bearing on a relationship- and that ultimately we are all prone to the same lusty affairs and ultimate disappointments.  




Christie now that you’re a newly minted single mom we hope you’ll check us out and count on as a resource, a cyber-spot to check out why being a single mom is certainly not even close to what it used to be!




Here at SMW we’re  wondering and asking all of you single mamas; if you could talk to Christie what would your advice to her be about picking up the pieces and moving forward?




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