Could You Be Friends with His Ex?

carrieunderwoodjessicasimpsonLast week, I logged into Facebook and had a startling discovery…

My ex’s ex-girlfriend had sent me a friend request!

The backstory: They dated for years, long before he and I got together a couple of years ago. He and I no longer talk, but have mutual friends, which is how I met this girl one night. She was friendly, and we avoided talking about our common former love interest. And that was that, or so I thought…

So what did I do? I accepted. My friend found it odd that she’d reach out to me, and I’m sure our mutual ex is quaking in his boots, but at the end of the day I figured it’s Facebook…how many people on our friend lists do we really hang out with?

Am I nuts? Do you ever socialize with the exes of the men you dated…or currently date?

-Erin xx