Countess de Lesseps is A Single Minded Woman

ldelessepps_040108_4Okay, I admit it. I’m hooked on the Housewives series. Not just the Real Housewives of NYC, but all of them. I guess my fascination is with why these women (and their husbands) would want to publically play out their lives for all to see and scrutinize. Maybe it’s ego or a desire to be in the limelight or a combination of both. All I know is I look forward to Tuesday nights.

Anyway, last week reports were confirmed that the Countess de Lesseps and her Count husband of 16 years were ending their seemingly perfect marriage. Well rather the Count was ending their marriage because of an extra marital affair. Now, if you follow the show, you know the Count spent months apart from his wife and family…not an ideal recipe for a happy marriage.

As if cheating wasn’t bad enough, the Count took the cowardly way out and broke up with the Countess by email! No phone call, no face to face…, a lousy email! How humiliating, especially after 16 years of marriage and two children.

Count, with your pedigree surely you know sending an email is improper break-up behavior. And Countess, forget about writing a book on manners, you should write an etiquette book on how to properly breakup. The 54 million single women in the U.S. would be eternally grateful.

Ladies, we’ve all had at least one really bad break-up that caused us to swear off men for a while. But if you are in the process of ending a relationship, I recommend you read Josie Brown’s article Very Bad Break-Ups: How to Survive Them.

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Welcome to the fold Countess. We are happy to call you a single minded woman.

Allison O’Connor