Sex & the Single Woman: Facebook Exes

womanemailI just returned from Italy and was in the process of clearing out my email in-box when a Facebook alert stopped me. I had a new friend request – but I didn’t recognize the name.

At first.

Then it dawned on me. It was a guy – who happens to be related to someone I know – that I’d made out with a couple months back. He didn’t know my last name, and didn’t have my email, so I can only assume he tracked me down on my friend’s page.

The funny thing is, I bumped into this guy a few weeks ago at a party. I happened to be with a mutual friend, so we had to say hello. We chatted politely for a few minutes but neither of us made any indication that we were interested in seeing each other again. But now…Facebook?

Sigh. Sometimes technology just likes to meddle with our love lives.