Sex & the Single Woman: Great Loves


I was recently watching Sex and the City with my roommates when a interesting theory popped up into an episode. The ever-sensible Charlotte insisted that every woman will get two great loves in her life. This immediately upsets Carrie, who believes that her two loves have come and gone.

Are women really supposed to believe this? How do you calculate the people who change you?

It’s hard enough to be a single woman in today’s relationship-obsessed culture, but to add on a maximum number of “great loves” is to basically tell a woman to give up all hope. Why is there a limit on how many men a woman can love in her lifetime? Not only is this sending out a despairing message to single women, it is in general promoting the idea that a woman only has so much to offer.

I agree with Carrie, this theory fails.

What do you think? Is there a limit for how many great loves a woman can have?