Sex & the Single Woman: Halloween Hotness!

margoYours truly is very excited today, as it’s my first Halloween in the UK. Now, they don’t celebrate Halloween here as much as they do in the States, but that’s not stopping me from getting my trick or treat on.

Tonight I’m going to a party at a club with some American friends in London. And then tomorrow, I’m off to a friend’s house out of town for a Halloween party/birthday celebration. My Brit friends have never had a proper Halloween party before, and it’s cute to see them get excited about dressing up as vampires and witches.

So what’s my costume? Madonna! I’m doing the “Like a Virgin” VMA Madonna, complete with a white corset, lots of pearls, and white fingerless gloves I scored off eBay. Which means if all goes well I might just meet a potential Sean Penn/Guy Richie/Jesus Luz tonight.

Are you dressing up this year? What’s your costume?

-Erin x

(PS Here’s me as Margot Tennenbaum from two years ago.)