Sex & the Single Woman: Setting the Bar

Prince Charming

I think every woman has certain expectations of her boyfriend. Not only must he be absolutely perfect, he must have no flaws and under no circumstances is he ever allowed to make any mistakes.

That being said, women really do have a tendency to, in a sense, put their boyfriends up on pedestals. There are typical characteristics that most men possess, including a love for football, bar food, and cars they cannot afford. Yes, these are all trivial things, but at the same time we treat them as if they are deal breakers. No woman is completely satisfied with how her boyfriends dresses, so she tries to change it.  Is that so bad?

In certain circumstances, this need for change is completely understandable, such as when he says something embarrassing in public. If it were any other guy, I wouldn’t think twice about it. If it was my boyfriend, well, let’s just say he would know never to say it again.

Why is it that we make exceptions for every man except our own? Is it because he is associated with us, or because we expect better of him? Is it a double standard to demand that our boyfriends be perfect, when we don’t understand why they expect the same of us? If we truly love a guy for who he is, do any of those small things matter?