Sex & the Single Woman: STFU Parents

I love kids. I truly, truly do. And I’d like to have some of my own one day.

Still, there are times when a single girl like me gets a wee fed up listening to parent friends go on (and on and on) about EVERY SINGLE THING their little ones get up to. Especially when that includes a hourly recap of Junior’s potty training or little Ava’s spit-up. Save that for your therapist, not your Facebook update!

STFUNow, whenever I start to lapse into those “why I aren’t I married/having kids/one of those women who bakes their bread and makes quilts” depressions I direct my browser to STFU Parents, a snarky blog which takes a no-holds-barred approach to all of the poopy Facebook updates, sonogram profile photos, and nauseating, holier-than-thou “how dare you say you’re tired when you don’t even have a kid?” comments made by parents.

It’s better than birth control, I swear—not to mention a great reminder to keep my own puppy-eyed yipping about my adorable nephew to a minimum.