Dead End Diets: Don’t Go There!

Jenny Abbot tells a story that many women have told. “I’ve started and dropped out of more diets than I could ever hope to remember.” the 40 year-old single mother of twin 12 year-old boys explains. “I don’t care if it’s South Beach, Atkins Diet, the Zone, or a dozen others I’ve long forgotten. I seem to always wind up back in a pair of size 14 jeans.”

In every diet she has tried, Jenny relates the experience common to nearly all dieters: noticeable weight loss, followed by regaining all the lost pounds and then adding a few pounds on to of where she began.

“It’s so frustrating,” says Jenny. “There are plenty of times that I’ve promised not to go back on a diet, but then a wedding invitation lands in my mailbox-or worse, a class reunion-and my pride kicks in and I get back on the diet wagon. Within weeks after the event I crash and burn once again.”

While throughout my conversation with Jenny, she did a great job of keeping her humor about the situation. Still, her frustration came through clearly: dead-end diets are no fun.

There is nothing worse than jumping into a dead end diet. You invest effort, emotion, and self-esteem in a diet that has little if any chance of succeeding. And every diet failure puts us that much further from our ultimate goal: to loose excess weight and to keep those pounds off for good.

Just about all of us over 35, and often much younger, have experienced the frustration of one or more diet failures. I myself have a collection of different jeans, slacks and sport jackets in various sizes that testify to the fact that this weight loser has often been a weight gainer waiting to happen.

So why do all these diets fail with such incredible consistency? How can we break this cycle? And is maintaining weight loss ever possible? Read more of this article here…

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