Diane Keaton’s Moisturizing Ads: Sexy, or Sellout?

Diane Keaton has always been an icon for me. One of the funniest movies of all times is ANNIE HALL. I’ve seen it so many times that, seriously, I think I can quote whole scenes from it. It is Woody Allen at his best.

That’s because he’s got Diane Keaton at his side: both as his muse, and as the thinly veiled subject of this quirkly little love story.

Talk about just scratching the surface.

Let’s face it: Ms. Keaton is no ditz. Her body of work—as an actor, producer/director, and photographer—is proof that we have in our midst a renaissance woman.

As an actress, her range is incredible. You see that in THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, a thriller based on a John LeCarre book, in which she plays a woman recruited to be an Israeli spy. Another that proved to be a perfect cinematic vehicle for Keaton is REDS, playing journalist Louise Bryant, following her lover, John Reed, to witness  the fall of emperial Russia directed and produced by Warren Beatty — who was in fact her lover at the time.

She is also at the top of her game in MRS. SOFFEL, in which she starred in a period piece as the wife of a prison warden who runs away with a lusty prisoner: Mel Gibson. I’ve applauded the resurgence of her career in mid-life (SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, THE FAMILY STONE).

Lately, though, I’ve noticed her on ads for all kinds of things, including L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Restorative Hydrating Cream.

My idol has clay feet.

Or, perhaps, a few bills to pay.

Wouldn’t it be great if she didn’t have to shill for products?

Granted, she’s not the only one.

Which begs the question: Should big stars do these ads, or does it tarnish thier careers?

Take a poll to give your answer. Are the ads showing Diane Keaton sexy, or do they seem like a sell-out, considering her incredible acting career?

—Josie Brown

Josie Brown is SingleMindedWomen.com’s Relationships Channel editor.

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