Disneyland Admission Costs: It’s a Big Price, After All

Mickey and MinnieHoly Cow!

And that’s the cleanest thing I can think to say. I guess Mickey and Minnie‘s house is another one the average American can’t afford: Disneyland just raised their admission prices—again. One-day tickets for those 10 and older to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, will rise 4.5% to $69 from $66. Children ages 3 to 9 will pay $59, up 5.3% from $56. At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, one-day prices will rise 5.6% to $75 from $71, while tickets for children ages 3 to 9 will see a 5% hike to $63 from $60.

Four guests (assuming two adults, and two kids under the age of ten) will pay $276 for a day with Mickey and Minnie in Orlando, and $256 to visit the somewhat more modest, and older park in Southern California.

In a year when Six Flags amusement parks around the country lowered their prices in the hope of increasing attendance, I suppose that Disney has such a strong pull among international visitors that they are not overly concerned about continued high attendance levels. Nor does it seem that they are too concerned about their affordability for the average American. After all, to Europeans carrying the mighty Euro, the anemic US Dollar is just slightly more expensive than Monopoly money.

Still, my heart breaks for single moms wanting to treat their kid(s) to a day at Disneyland. Every year America moves further along in the process of becoming a nation of haves and have-nots. Professional baseball, hockey, football, and basketball games have ticket prices that are out of sight. God forbid your kids should say, “Can we go to a baseball game?” And if you live in an area like New York, you better take out a second mortgage on your home to go see the Yankees. Wait a minute, cancel that, banks aren’t giving out equity home loans anymore.

Anyway, back in Disney World, now that you’ve gone through the front gate, nearly $300 lighter in net worth than you were a few minutes earlier, it’s time to buy the kids some souvenirs, t-shirts, Mickey Mouse ears, etc. After all you don’t want to be called a cheapskate on your way to the poorhouse.

Martin Brown

SMW Money Editor


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