Do Men Hate Fat Women?

Do Men Hate Fat Women? Relationships Channel – “She’s got such a pretty face, but . . . ” That compliment shouldn’t sting, but it does—because of what goes unsaid: ” . . . It’s a shame she’s so fat.”

Says who? Men? The media? Society? Other women?

Yes, all of the above.

When supermodel Tyra Banks took a walk in a fat suit that added two hundred pounds to her mean lean frame, the response to her was disgust and, worse yet, derision.

Whenever an actress or songstress packs on the pounds, the media pounces onto her, like wolves fighting over fresh, liberally marbled meat. You saw it happen to Britney Spears after childbirth, and again when Renee Zellweger beefed up for both Bridget Jones movies.

According to the journal Obesity, weight discrimination, especially against women, is increasing in U.S. society and is almost as common as racial discrimination. In fact, reported discrimination based on weight has increased 66% in the past decade, up from about 7% to 12% of U.S. adults…