Don’t Know Your Voting Location? Google Does…

This election is an important one for single women. Our nation’s approach to the recession, aggressive alternative fuel production, more lives lost in this “War on Terror”, real answers for universal healthcare, environmental concerns like our melting ice caps: none of these issues can wait any longer.

So, seriously, are you registered to vote?

If you can’t remember, click onto . This free site allows you to check to see if your own voter registration is up to date.

Don’t know your polling location? Turns out that Google does.  Just click onto this link, put in your address, and it will map it for you. Ya gotta love those Google guys for doing what they can to make your life a little easier.

Also included is info for voting by mail (it’s important that you check the Absentee Ballot deadlines in your county!)
You have no excuses, so get out there and VOTE,

Josie Brown

Relationships Editor –