Dr. Horrible is Wonderful…

Dr. Horrible is Wonderful…Doogie Howser is too cute. (And, yes, he’s still cute.)

Especially as Dr. Horrible.

This little ditty of a blog has turned the Internet on its ethereal head, for good reason: it’s classy, sassy, and very much in tune (thanks to director Joss Whedon and his bro musician, Jed Whedon) both literally and figuratively, with our feelings about unrequited love, missed opportunities, and revenge (not to mention it what it says about the need for more anger management classes).

The wonderful thing about former child star/now adult star Neil Patrick Harris that he’s always game to take his career in a different direction. Case in point: the Harold and Kumar franchise. Heck, even his Old Spice commercial is skewed toward the absurd.

Keep it up, Neil.

And speaking about horrible… You know that reoccurring dream you have, the one where you’re in the horrible accident? Well, here’s one way to get rid of it: Read SMW Editor Martin Brown’s article in our Health Channel, on defensive driving.

Speaking of wonderful…One of our resident relationship experts, Keith Ablow, MD., explains why the phrase “I love you…” may not come so trippingly out of your guy’s mouth—and what it might actually mean, when it does.


Josie Brown
SMW Relationships Editor