Drifting in a Sea of Blather

New Yorker CoverOkay, I’ve officially heard enough. I don’t know about you but if I hear one more talking head tell me what Hillary said but really meant, or is Obama putting up too much of a fight, or not enough of one—

Well, to put it simply: I’m going to hurl.

Thankfully the Republicans are finished early and now we’ll have a relative period of calm coming from the right side of the sound spectrum. McCain is off on a tour of Europe and the Middle East, and Mitt and the other seven angry white men I can only assume have entered that three year period of hibernation unique to the homo politicus.

Unfortunately on our left flank, the battle rages on. Therefore flashes of brilliance such as, who’s picking up the phone at 3 am while you and I and little Cindy Lou Who are all safely a snooze; will continue to stir the roiling waters of in the Blather Sea, otherwise known as 24-hour news.

True BlueWill Geraldine Ferraro charge that the Blue Man Group owes their fame and fortune solely to the color of their skin? I don’t know, but if she does I’ll bet that for the next 48-hours “the best political team on television will chew on that one, over, and over, and over again.

I’ve always heard that modern day pundits are like a dog with a bone. Not true. Even my poor 14-year old dog, blind, deaf, bad teeth, and answering to the name Lucky (and that’s the truth) can still finish off a bone in three, maybe four hours.

Good God, have you ever stopped to consider what else you, we, humanity could do with the hours otherwise wasted with Wolfe, Anderson, Keith, Brian, Britt, Sean, et al. For one thing we could actually, if we were truly interested, read a book about something, and gain some actual insight on a given subject. If you really were interested in McCain, or Hillary, or Barack, in addition to their own books, there are dozens of books about them. Generally I find that the pundits are analyzing and reanalyzing the prologues. In fairness that’s all they really have time to do before going back to commercial. Imagine if we went deeper, much deeper. Dare I say: Chapter Two?

Perhaps we could even consider a bolder approach like, say, reading a book, seeing a documentary, or even listening to a podcast that has nothing at all to do with “Decision ’08.” Beyond all this endless chatter, there are people discovering new galaxies, new solutions for human scourges like malaria, even new approaches to the challenges of global warming. Don’t these issues have an even greater impact on our future lives than Hillary getting upset, Barack getting even, and John getting older?

Could there really be a world bigger than all this noise? Let’s take the first step: hit the off button, stand up, open our windows and let some fresh air come into our lungs.

Besides, if you can’t choose one of three candidates by the time you have heard 2.5 billion words on each, you have joined the many souls who are lost at the bottom of the Blather Sea.

Martin Brown

Martin Brown
Money Editor

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