E tu, Edwards? Politicians and (not so political) affairs

John and Elizabeth EdwardsI’m a woman scorned.

Yet again—by a POLITICIAN.

With his big blues eyes, dimples, and call for single-payer healthcare for all, John Edwards wooed many of us—then broke our hearts, by bedding Reille Hunter, some woman whose previous claim to fame was to be the inspiration for the cokehead sexaholic character in a Jay McInerney novel.

Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m surprised he had an affair. Both the Edwardses seemed to have eyes for only each other. (That in itself epitomizes the American dream.)

But what I’m pissed because he lied about it. Repeatedly and vehemently.

Yeah, yeah, I know: It certainly hurt the wonderful Elizabeth Edwards more than it hurt any of us. But if enough people had believed that he could deliver on his social agenda, if enough people had invested the emotional resolve to vote for him in their state primaries, or had tithed what discretionary little dollars they had to his campaign, he just might have been the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party

And taken it down in the flames of scandal, a la Bill Clintononly in a worse way: right before the 2008 presidential election.

Talk about getting screwed.

Here’s a warning to ALL politicians: Bubba, you’re gonna get caught.

So don’t play around. Or if you can’t keep it in your pants, go ahead and do us all a favor and RESIGN FROM OFFICE.

That way, if we believe in your causes, we can put our money and our efforts toward the men and women who can actually carry them out.

Oh, and another thing: I hope your wives divorce you. Frankly I think it’s more humilating to stand beside your man who has humiliated you so publically, than to walk away from the jerk. Believe me, Mrs. Politican’s Wife, we’ll respect you more.

Maybe we’ll even vote for YOU.

Josie Brown

SMW Relationships Editor

FORUM QUESTION: If your boyfriend, husband or significant other found you in bed with another man, do you think he’d stand by your side?

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