Election 2008: The Final Daze

No matter who you’re supporting in this presidential election—John McCain, Republican; Barack Obama, Democrat; Bob Barr, Libertarian; Cynthia McKiney, Green; or Ralph Nader, Nader Forever—there is one thing we can all agree on, one more day and it will all be over.

Lately I’ve been feeling much like the Grinch, who If you remember, grew so impatient with all the noise down in Whoville that he wanted to stop Christma  Let's hope the Grinch won't steal THIS election!s from coming.
Now, I certainly do not want to stop this election from coming, nor the inauguration that will follow, not to mention the end of George the Second’s reign, but as the Grinch would say while holding his hands over his ears, “oh the noise, the noise!”

Finally, like Tchakovsky’s 1812 Overture, we’re building to a crescendo, that banged away without stop all weekend, and will boom away a great deal more until Friday of this week, and then like a passing storm will come a relative bit of peace. It will start to build again around January 10 as the new president and a new administration nears. and if that new president is Barack Obama, the media coverage will be particularly intense as once again an historic moment approaches.

I don’t know what if anything will change these 18-month marathon campaigns, but it would be nice if something did. With primary voting starting at the first of the year, and party primary campaigning, and debating, starting six-months prior to that, the process stretches out for approximately 80 weeks. That’s a whole lot of political punditry. Not to mention thousands of hours of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and more. And I’m saying this as a citizen of California, a state so deep in the blue, that I can’t remember when I last saw a presidential candidate’s TV ad. If I lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Florida, I probably would have silenced my TV months ago. Not to mention yanked out my phone connection to spare myself from a daily dose of robo-calls.

I’m going out later today to buy a bottle of champagne for tomorrow night. If my candidate wins, I can drink to that. If my candidate loses, I can still pop the cork and drink to the end of the 2008 presidential election. Either way, “Martin the Writer, Mary the Teacher, Lucy the Dentist, and Mario the Accountant” will all have something to celebrate!

Martin Brown

Money Editor – SingleMindedWomen.com