Election Night Fun

Whew – we’re in the final stretch of the election season, with only a few days to go ’til America at large casts its vote for the next Commander in Chief. (What a tough actSarah Palin Art Wig to follow, eh?) That also means there are just a few more days to relish the random election-themed goodies inspired by Obama, McCain, Biden, and (especially) Palin. Enjoy! And don’t forget to read this week’s Style feature on expired beauty products and when to toss them out like a president who’s worn out his welcome.

Sarah Palin Art Wig from Buddha Gouda (shown)

Election Finger Puppets from Mullish Muse

Yes We Can Obama Button Purse from Belles Lettres

I’m a McCainiac Tee from Intuition

Obama, Bush, McCain, and Clinton Wine Bottle Stoppers from Rovakada

Palin Shot My Paw Tee from Squid Ink Kollective

Barack of Love Tee from Urban Outfitters

Jane Six Pack Charm Necklace from Matsuda Bunch

Sarah Palin Lipstick Pitbull Soap from Dugshop

Happy voting!

– Erin Donnelly, Style Editor