Even Mistresses Get Sloshed Sometimes

At the risk of sounding like a loud, dull thud in the party, it’s just not possible to talk about health issues without bringing alcohol into the mix. 

For the record, I am not a teetollar (although just seeing that word in writing makes me feel archaic!) Far from it; I’ve had my share of up’s and down’s with substances like alcohol. And while there was a time when you couldn’t say such a thing publically, the use of all manner of mood-altering drugs (like alcohol) is so commonplace that nowadays we furrow our brows at people who ‘dare’ say that they’ve always been stone-cold sober. We surmise that they must’ve been dependent or addicted or had problems in the past related to alcohol use, for example. Drinking is the norm. 

Truth is, there’s hardly one of us who hasn’t had at least one episode of what might be deemed a ‘problem’ stemming from alcohol. The bigger concern, though, is how insidiously problems from alcohol creep up on a life. First, you’re reveling in that new high-paying job that lets you pamper yourself with perks like an increasingly impressive cache in the liquor cabinet. Next thing you know, you wouldn’t dream of heading for bed without a night-cap. Is liver damage inevitably on your list of things to look forward to in later years? 

Lest our Health Channel seem all finger-wagging and no fun — I was thrilled to have the chance to interview Dr. Carol Queen last week on the topic of multiple sex partners. Her name is fitting: she’s renowned and admired in some very interesting circles. If anyone can discuss sex and the single woman, it’s Dr. Queen. This piece is just a starter toward more to come about staying safe and satisfied. 

Whether it’s drinking alcohol or having multiple sex partners, real whole-person health can only begin when we can be honest, with ourselves and with the world, about how single women really live.

Let me know what you think.

~Tracy Morris, Health Channel Editor