Failin’ with Palin: So Much for “Family Values”

Live from Minneapolis! It’s…Not Tina Fey.

And that’s too bad for John McCain, the Republicans’ presumptive (considering what just happened, I use that term lightly) presidential nominee. Now that the word is out that Bristol, the 17-year-old daughter of his Evangelical running mate, Sarah Palin,  is pregnant (make that FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT ???)—I’ll just bet he wishes he were in a TV comedy skit, as opposed to being in the midst of the worst decision of his life.

Nope sorry: I take that back. Truly, his worst decision was to become the lead cheerleader for the OilCons.

“Juneau” Poster SingleMindedWomen.comWell, li’l Bristol’s baby bump is about to do for McCain what his embrace of Bush’s failing economic and foreign policies couldn’t do.

So much for the McCain team’s VP vetting process. What, no one (let alone her gun-totin’ family values-spoutin’ hockey stadium-boondogglin’ mama) could see that the kid was 5 months preggers?  Even if Bristol had been skipping those very important visits to her OB-GYN (Alaska has a few, so no excuses there) heck, all McCain’s vetmeisters had to do was hang out in the halls of her local high school and listen to all the latest gossip girl chatter.

Now, for the Palins to push the kid into a shotgun wedding with her baby daddy—puh-leez!  That may appease Palin’s evangelical base, but this is is just putting a Band-Aid on the very serious problem of  an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Odds are that this starter marriage will end in divorce a year or two down the road anyway.

And odds are that, by then, the McCain/Palin ticket will be a thing of the past, anyway.

Obviously in Bristol’s case case, sexual abstinence wasn’t an option. Unfortunately, neither was birth control or adoption. That’s certainly one way in which her parents failed her.

I don’t think  McCain could have done worse if he’d chosen Lynne Spears, the misguided mommy dearest of pop celebs Britney and Jamie Lynn.

Seriously, how difficult could it have been to choose a female running mate who actually lives by the family values convictions expressed by the GOP such a difficult task for McCain?

Apparently so.

Then again, considering his own track record in regard to women’s issues, maybe Republican women shouldn’t be at all surprised with his choice for their advocate in his administration.

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Josie Brown

SMW Relationship Editor

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