Feeling the Need to Reinvent Yourself? Try a Head-to-toe Makeover!

Okay so you’ve read the title to this post and now you’re thinking…how superficial!  As if fixing my outer, physical self-will have any ripple effect to what’s happening for me internally?

Well single mamas you’re right! It is a completely one-dimensional way of thinking and yet- the old adage still rings true; when you look good, you feel good! Just ask the makeover guy Christopher Hopkins who fields SMW’s Q&A When Mommy Needs a Makeover and offers single Moms some basic tips to help them Stage their Comeback- which just happens to be the tile of his new, fabulous book too! 

As a single mom, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate; and you are likely the very last priority on your to-do-list. But a quick, relatively painless- surgery free– shot in the arm of glamour and primping can  be incredibly uplifting. Who knows it may even entitle you to a few catcalls and winks from members of the opposite sex– always a fun perk, a bit sexist, but still deliciously fun!  

And then of course it’s back-to-reality– in our weekly column, Dealing with financial discrepancies between you and your ex which can at the very lest- drain you of all your heavenly narcissistic thoughts and good cheer.

For many single moms this financial, uphill struggle to not simply keep your kids, fed, clothed and sheltered- but to attempt to maintain the lifestyle you and your kids had become accustomed to prior to your divorce from their father, is often a battle you will never quite master.   

But don’t despair–just yet- we’ve got  Rebecca Shambaugh, author of It’s Not A Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor who feels single Moms needn’t feel “stuck” in their financial predicament. In fact they should rest assured confident in the knowledge that with a bit of soul searching and organizing they can certainly begin to increase their earning power and level the playing field when it comes to any financial discrepancies between them and their ex husbands.

For more of her advice check out SMW Family’s weekly column Dealing With the Financial Discrepancies Between You and Your Ex   which will offer some sound financial advice– that will help both you and your kids! 

And of course- if you have any tricks up your sleeve that have helped you to revamp your image– without a great deal of fan fare- and keep your pocketbook from being hit too hard by your kid’s mounting expenses- please share! 

Now single mamas; go out and start staging your physical and financial comebacks– you deserve it!

Melissa Chapman, Family Editor, Single Minded Women